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The Desperado | Waterproof Keyring Capsule

Description du modèle 3D

The Desperado is a waterproof two part capsule that houses anything within the volume of a cigarette, primarily designed for surfers and kayakers it will help keep any of your smaller items secure and dry.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Desperate times, call for desperate measures.
The challenge for Apex Studio was to create a slimline 3D printed waterproof vessel that could house anything inside the volume of a cigarette and still fit on a set of keys without being too obtrusive.
Through various iterations and styles The Desperado was born. A waterproof, yet slimline storage vessel for all your items that need to be protected and available at any time, in any scenario - surfing, skiing, boating, kayaking, fishing, showering, snorkeling, anywhere!
The Desperado features a double o-ring seal for that added security.

Apex printed The Desperado on our Dimension Elite 3d Printer. Please print on or below a 0.2 layer height with the base of the capsule aligned to the printer platform so the internal uses no support. Alternately, print with support and drill out the internals with a 9mm drill bit.
Two o-rings with a diameter of between 6-8mm by 1.5mm wall thickness is required for sealing. Alternatively, if waterproofing is not required do not use o-rings.
Happy printing and please inform if there are any issues.

Please like and share. Any comments or improvement, please let us know. Enjoy.


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