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Spacer for Panasonic TV

Description du modèle 3D

This is a spacer to lift a Panasonic TV by 25 mm.
I needed this to make room to place my Bose speakers underneath the display on both sides.
It is usable for the models:TX-L32,37,42ETW5W and TX-L32,37,42,42,47,55,60ETW5 or similar models.

It's no big deal, and maybe no one needs it but me, but it is a good example that you can quickly design and print parts for your personal use.
I love 3D printing! :-)

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Insert the spacer between the base and the console of the TV.
Replace the 4 screws M5x15 by longer screws M5x30
My print settings:
Layer Height: 0,3 mm and
Width: EWH ratio 1.7 = 0.51 mm
Infill: 0.3
3 perimeter (2 extra shells on Skeinforge)
Temperature: 230°C (PLA)

You do it on your own risk!
Be aware that the standing safety is somewhat reduced.
Verify if the part is well and stable printed.






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