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SLIDE | Smartphone Slider

Description du modèle 3D

SLIDE Printable Smartphone Slider
Smooth shots, slippery poles, and elegant styling, introducing SLIDE -- the printable smartphone slider!

There's a little Spielberg somewhere inside you, let your artistic vision manifest itself with SLIDE and shoot scene after scene of buttery smooth academy worthy footage. Makes cinematic panning shots as simple as sliding your mobile phone across your desk.

The attached STL carriage is the original SLIDE file for the iPhone 5


Paramètres d'impression 3D

Bill of Materials:

1 x Smartphone
1 x Slide-Carriage.stl
2 x Slide-cap.stl
2 x M8 Rod [Part # 88625K67]
Alternatively you can print the slide.stl plate, instead of the carriage and ends separately.


Insert two M8 rods into one end cap
Slide iphone carriage on
Attach other end-cap on remaining ends of M8 rods
Insert smartphone into carriage
Open camera or favorite camera app and begin masterpiece


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