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Description du modèle 3D

I present to you the GO-Pilot.
Its a go pro accessory
its main purpose is to take you where the action is in the car.

Its idea is to make you feel like you are sitting in the passanger side like a co pilot would.
So to do that I needed to position the go pro in exactly that location (the passenger seat).

The Go-pilot fits on the bars of the head rest of the passenger seat.
The design is so that you do not take the headrest off to fit it in place which I think its a good idea.

Also its compatible with most car head rest post locations (these vary from 110mm to 200mm apart from my research) and the posts vary from 10-12mm in diameter.

(sorry all the dimensions are in metric (you guys should have adopt the metric system by now!!)

The Go-pilot caters both for of these possible dimensional changes as it has slots for the variations.

The other thing the Go-pilot does well is allow you to rotate the camera view.
This is possible by its go-pro mount design.

It uses the buckle clip instead of the screw on as I feel this might be used on a rally car or at very high speed where the G forces might be high and the mount might break (I have 3D printed those before with little performance as they keep on breaking on me).

The GO-pilot mount has 8 sides to allow you to locate the go pro at the correct desired angle.

For instance you might want to record the pedals and steering wheel action so the mount would be position not straight on but towards the driver side (rally driving)

Alternatively you might want to position it straigh on so you get only a glipse of the driver on the side of the shot and most is focus on the road ahead (chasing another car)

It could also turn the attention opposite the driver to see if you end up in front of the car on your side (drag racing).

hope you have fun with it AND always obey the road rules


With a career spanning over 15 years in the architectural industry Hugo has had the opportunity of working at some of Australia's most elite and award-winning firms including Woods Bagot and Rice Daubney, and has experience in managing and training a team of up to 50 members.

During his time Hugo has gained expertise in all areas including; residential, commercial, industrial, health and defence sectors on project up to $1 billion. He has personally designed in excess of 30 residences for high profile clientèle with his work featuring on programs including Better Homes and Gardens and Today and featured in articles in InsideOut and Coast. Hugo has not limited himself to architecture though, he has worked alongside renowned Sydney based Interior Designer, Phillip Silver to help create some opulent and inspiring interior spaces. He has been a Guest Speaker at conferences, seminars and corporate functions and even contributed to the 2009 Graphisoft Best Practice Book.

Hugo recently became a Finalist in the international Parramatta Ideas on Edge Competition, where he was shortlisted out of almost 200 entrants.

Hugo is also a Registered Graphisoft Consultant, one of only six in the country, where he specialises in managing the transition of 2D legacy drafting to a BIM environment. Please visit for more information.

Registered Graphisoft Consultant/BIM Implementer, ArchiCAD Expert Level, Seamless Integration of ArchiCAD and Artlantis, 2D Legacy Drafting to BIM (Transitioning from 2D to 3D), Integration of other disciplines onto current Architectural projects into 3D.




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