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Dust Collector - 4" Blast Gate to 3" Hose Adaptor

Description du modèle 3D

Allows you to go directly from a 4 inch blast gate in your dust collection system to a 3 inch hose in one step.

I've added a small groove around the 3 inch end to help hold the flex hose in place under a hose clamp. No more hose slipping off.

I've made two variations to allow for different sizes of hoses:

YadapClapet4poEx_par_3po-1.stl has a diametre of slightly less than 3".

YadapClapet4poEx 3po1a.stl has a diametre of slightly more than 3". I find this size fits perfectly with the grey flex hose I have.

To strengthen the part for use in a workshop environment, I used ABS and then applied acetone with a brush. If using PLA make sure the layers are bonding well as it is being formed.


We build 3D printers!

I've been following the RepRap project since about 2008, and building 3D printers since 2011. We started with a Techzone Mendel, and then I used it to print the parts for a Prusa version 1 which morphed into a verison 2. I used that machine to print up a pile of Prusa i3 parts. The cycle just keeps going!




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