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Case for Reprapdiscount Smart LCD Controller XXL

Description du modèle 3D

This is a case for the Smart LCD Controller XXL.
With its very big display, I think it is particularly suited to watch the printer operations from a greater distance. Maybe even using a webcam.

As on my first enclosure:
I tried to design a slim enclosure again using a channel outside between the top and bottom part.
I recommend to print the parts in different colors. To be honest, otherwise it will look a little bit clumsy ;-)
I took black and green. To see how it could look like in other colors I made some variations - just photoshop :-)

To fasten the controller board to the bottom part, first put the distance cylinders between the boards and use metrical screws M2 x 10 or tapping screws 2,2 x 10.
Both will work without tapping before.
There is no room for hexagonal pockets in the top part. You can screw M3 x 16 directly into it.

And yes, don't forget to assemble the distance cylinders - the displays PCB won't like it ;-)





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