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"Massage" Walking Sandal Soles

Description du modèle 3D

Massage walking sandals

**IMPORTANT: Soles are conceptually designed to visually appeal to extreme comfort through the visuals, but they are ironically painful when you put your full weight on. The squishy base makes them even harder to balance, causing a real struggle. Preferably printed with white PLA filament.

"WALK ON THE CLOUD. Comfort is paramount.
Massage sole specially printed according to the foot acupuncture points (custom size possible by modifying on the maya file and stretching the length)
Assembled with real leather straps, a nice thick soft foamy base, very squishy and flexible, meant to fit your balance of walking. "

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Assembly Guide
-Trace and cut out the two soles on a 5cm thick white sponge foam
-Sand the edges with sandpaper
-Cut out strips of leather(length adjustible): two 2cm 31cm (for the top) and two 2cm 44cm (back) for the straps of the shoes
-insert the straps in the hooks, super glue them according to your feet dimensions and attach velcro stickers.






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