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Hat Clip, Pocket Clip, Lapel Clip

Description du modèle 3D

This Friday for our DIY project we have something simple, yet highly customizable. This clip system lets you attach anything you like to your hats, collars, lapels, chest pockets, neck ties, really where ever you want on your clothes. A great item to express your self, and let people know what your thinking, how your feeling, and what you like.

We provide you with the basic clip and post system, and a few buttons we've made and remixed, which will be posted with this and soon after. Once you have the parts, superglue what ever you like and what ever expresses you to the post. Once the glue is dry, put the clip over the piece of fabric you want your item to go on, and push the post and button into the clip and you're good to go! they are quick to print and have the right blend of flexible and strong.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

10% infill for everything
2 Shells for everything





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