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Description du modèle 3D

BU shoes
HI high sole hight
HI high heel
PL platform type of sole
39 foot size file
NO normal foot widght

This shoe is a first itteration of BU collection.

Yes, it's high..
Yes, you have to print it yourself..
Yes, you have to find two pieces of rope to tie it up.

Post a picture with #BUshoes to show us your color&trim version!

Paramètres d'impression 3D

We printed it on Ultimaker 2 3d printer, it fits in 39 size, as stated in file name.

A 3d print will take a while for a single shoe, but in these specs a successfull print will support skillfull, 60kg (130lbs) girl:

Layer height (mm): 0,08
Shell thickness (mm): 1,2
Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 36
Fill Density (%): 8

[ please make shure to combine all parts in model together to make shure that internal cavities disappear, and to have solid infill top and bottom ]

[ you can try your own settings reqarding supports, but the print should be ok without any, if, of course, it's not left unsupervised for too long... ]



Young european brand, takings first steps (literally) in 3d print boom.



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