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Bateau à moteur en plastique de taille normale "Boat-7" fabriqué à partir de feuilles monolithiques de copolymère bloc de polypropylène PP-C ou de polyéthylène basse pression HDPE Polyéthylène haute densité pour des conditions d'utilisation extrêmes 8 mm d'épaisseur

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Description du modèle 3D

Plastic full-size motor boat "Boat-7" made of monolithic sheets of block copolymer of polypropylene PP-C or low pressure polyethylene HDPE High Density Polyethylene for extreme operating conditions 8 mm thick

"Boat-7" - a large motorboat for transporting people and goods

Plastic full-size motor boat made of monolithic sheets of block copolymer of polypropylene (PP-C) or low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) High Density Polyethylene for extreme operating conditions

Plastic polyethylene full-size motor boat for DIY manufacturing and construction, drawings and constructive

Polypropylene sheet is perfectly processed with wood tools, sheets are welded together using hot air or extrusion welding, or mechanically fastened.

For the best result, use hand tools for welding plastic: extruders and hair dryers from the world's best manufacturers Leister, Dohle, MUNSCH.

Material for production: monolithic sheets of block copolymer of polypropylene or low pressure polyethylene (HDPE) 8 mm thick. All elements are made from 8 mm sheet.

The product can be made as follows:

  1. Print individual elements on a 3D printer (if you have a large size printer) and assemble the boat model

  2. Use a milling machine with a swivel head (spindle) for cutting out elements from polyethylene / polypropylene sheets, taking into account all design features and chamfers, for precise fit into the seat.

  3. Use a conventional milling machine (made in China) with a non-rotating head to cut along the center line from polyethylene / polypropylene sheets according to the attached drawings in dxf format, but in this case you will need small manual work to fine-tune the part to the seats.

• inner sides, locker doors - 8 mm
• hull, bottom, outer sides, deck - 8 mm
• transom - 8 (mm), if necessary, you can use waterproof bakelite plywood instead of additional transom amplifiers as transom reinforcement.

All non-planar parts that have an installation bend are in dxf format. All flat parts are also in stl format. The keel of the boat is in two formats for easy cutting.

Use the appropriate hinges, handles and retaining magnets to secure the locker doors.

Details of the boat's hull - the bottom and sides are cut from a single sheet for maximum tightness of the product.
Provide drain holes and penetrations to drain water from the boat's hull.

Approximate weight of the material is about 200 kg.

To craft and weld the boat, use Leister type welding extruders or hair dryers and the appropriate welding rods / strands for the material. If necessary, you can easily rent equipment, there are many such rental points all over the world.
A sheet material now widely used for the manufacture of pools and a variety of containers - polypropylene is excellent for making a boat.

According to some characteristics, a boat made of plastic is in no way inferior to a real boat made of aluminum or fiberglass, and may even surpass it. Making a comfortable boat will take only 1-2 weeks and you will have a full-fledged vessel for fishing or skiing at your disposal.

The advantages of polypropylene, and, accordingly, of a floating means made on its basis, are:

100% waterproof;
zero adhesion;
resistance to mechanical damage, various types of influences;
ease of repair;
the ability to maintain the original appearance for a long time;
resistance to ultraviolet light and to any climatic conditions;
light weight of the finished product, which is convenient for transportation;
excellent frost resistance, which makes it easier to store the floating product;
The flexible material absorbs shock and noise very softly, which reduces any instability to a minimum, which means that it guarantees safe movement on the water.

Polypropylene block copolymer (PP-C) has excellent impact strength, including at low temperatures, and a wide range of constant operating temperatures from -20 ° C to + 80 ° C allows the use of PP-C in various climatic conditions. And this is not the limit, the range of short-term operating temperatures of the PP-C is even greater.
PP-C-UV has good UV resistance, making it suitable for use in sunlight.

A typical river speed boat is 6260 mm long.
The width of the body is 1.670 mm, the flat-bottomed area of ​​the bottom is about 550-780 mm.
Thanks to this, the boat is easy to move on oars and under a motor, it copes well with the fast flow of the fast rivers of the Far East, the owners of these boats can safely cross vast bodies of water during spring floods. The boat can be pulled ashore, where it stands firmly with its flat bottom resting on the ground. The powerful keel protects the bottom of the boat and stabilizes high-speed movement and stability in sharp turns with heels.

Between the narrow bottom and the relatively wide sides of the boat, there are sloping (approximately 45 ° to the bottom) sections of the sides. When the boat rolls into the water, the upper cheekbone enters the water, the width of the acting waterline increases sharply, and the moment of forces that prevents further heeling increases accordingly. The boat is distinguished by good germination on a wave, when a wave rolls up under the stem, then due to the widening to the upper cheekbone of the frame contours, the volume of the submerging part of the hull rapidly increases and the hydrostatic support force raises the bow (or stern, if the wave rolls up from behind) to the crest when the water has not yet reached the upper edge of the bead.

For greater safety when sailing in wide open leeward stretches and when entering the sea, the bow part at a length of 1.5-2 m from the stem can be closed by the deck. Note that the boat, as a high-speed and stable river boat, has a rather high side - in the bow of the boat its height reaches 900 mm, and at the midship level 600 m.

In the bow, you can equip a shelter from the weather, in which the fisherman can settle down for the night. Fishing and hunting equipment and supplies can also be stored here.

This boat, built according to the modernized design, can be useful and preferable, in comparison with the produced serial boats, in some specific operating conditions. For example, in cases when it is necessary to transport large loads or passengers in number of more than four, for which factory motor boats are mainly designed. At the same time, a boat with a narrow flat-bottomed bottom and a large wetted length experiences less water resistance during its movement, which occurs in a transitional mode to planing.

For example, with a payload of 600 kg and its own total weight with engine, fuel and supplies of about 300 kg, a similar boat, built according to the proposed project "Boat-7", under a 30-horsepower engine will be able to reach a speed of about 35 -40 km / h (of course - with a "cargo" propeller of reduced pitch). This corresponds to the relative speed (Froude number)
Fr = v / √ (g · ³√D) = 1.0, in which wider and shorter boats have increased water resistance. Under heavy load, the vessel retains its positive seaworthiness - easily overcomes the wave, does not flood or splash with water, is stable (if, of course, the center of gravity of the cargo is located low enough).

Another case is the areas of operation, characterized by a large area of ​​the water area with frequent sudden winds that spread a large wave. In such waters, the height of the side of many serial models of motorboats turns out to be insufficient, if the engine fails, when the vessel enters the displacement or drift mode, the fast and maneuverable previously planing boat becomes clumsy and poorly recouped on the wave. "Boat-7" will not let down its builder and owner in such cases.

The Boat-7 can be operated with a 10-horsepower outboard motor. Light under it, you can reach a speed of about 16 km / h. Under the motor 15 hp the maximum speed rises to 30 km / h, and with two 25 hp motors. - up to 45 km / h. However, the latter option is acceptable only for short-distance exits, when the increased fuel consumption is compensated by the speed and reliability of the twin-engine installation.

On inclined sections of the sides, you can install longitudinal splash guards - redans. They help the boat get to planing under heavy load, and also cut the spray blanket from the sides at full speed, reducing the wetted surface. The bow has been given a significant slope in order to facilitate the cutting of the crests of steep short waves that rise on rivers with downstream winds blowing against the current, to reduce the force of the bow impact on the waves, and finally to facilitate the crew's exit from the boat when approaching the shallow coast.

A self-draining sub-engine niche, designed for the installation of two outboard motors, protects from flooding the cockpit with a wave from the stern. In bad weather, the bow of the cockpit can be covered with a canvas awning on the arches of aluminum pipes. When folded onto the deck in front of the cockpit bow cut, the folded canopy provides additional splash protection.

To keep a ship in trouble with two heavy motors on the transom and people afloat, additional buoyancy is needed, which should be provided by fixing plates and foam blocks to the hull along the sides of the transom (sp8 - Transom) and below deck in the bow. The total volume of foam should be about 250 cubic meters. dm.
It is also suggested to place foam or foam in the transom of the boat in the heavily used pockets of the boat hull.

You can make the product on a 3D printer or cnc machine from plastic, glass, steel, clay and any materials.
the model can also be made using cnc machine turning wood.Also the model can be executions in castings.
If necessary, I can make injection molds for pouring on a separate order for an agreed payment.

The size is shown in the scetch or drawings.
the model is easily scaled to the desired size when using your 3D printing software

Render scene is not included.

Suitable for graphical projects and 3D print or cnc projects.

Everything can be seen in the photo.

the model is easily scaled in any program for printing, etc.

The model can be printed as a 3D model, as well as produced on CNC machines.

Made in solidmade, tested in the manufacture of the master model of the product.

Saving stl & obj files occurs at the average values of polygons. This is usually enough to print a model in a 3D printer,
but it may not be enough when producing a model on a CNC machine. In this case, please contact, it is possible to save files
at high values, but this will give a sharp increase in file size.

This is a fully solid-state version for 3d-print, this is not a scan version.

At the photos you can see the contours of the models on screens with stl or obj files, it is enough
to understand the possibility of printing a model or producing a model by a cnc machine

It is possible to model anyone another model according to your size or drawings and sketches.

ATTENTION! This item is a DIGITAL 3D model (*STL *OBJ file format) for ARTCAM, ASPIRE, CUT3D,Simplify3D, Cura and
anyone software applications for CNC and 3D printers.

The settings for the Cura slicer are shown for example and to understand that the slicer does not produce errors.
To print prototypes, this is usually enough to evaluate the suitability of the model for the intended image. The specific settings
should depend on your printer and the filament used for printing.

Its files For CNC Routers and 3D printers.

You buy a digital model image file for the manufacture of the product,
and not the product itself as a physical unit of goods made of glass or wood or any else.

All copyrights to these hosted models belong to the author.

Models are placed for manufacture and personal use in any quantity and any color, without selling the produced models.

Non-commercial use only.

Informations sur le fichier 3D

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  • Date de publication : 2021-07-28 à 16h33


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