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Porte-outils pour imprimante 3D V3.0

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Description du modèle 3D

Ceci est la dernière version (12/19/2019) de mon porte-outils pour votre station d'impression 3D.

Cette version ajoute une meilleure solution de stockage pour votre Caliper ainsi qu'un nouveau stockage pour les cartes SD et les cartes Micro-SD et un stockage supplémentaire pour les clés.

Il s'agit d'une simple impression. Sur l'image, vous verrez que j'ai utilisé ma machine à étiquettes pour mettre des numéros de pelures et de bâtons pour mes buses d'imprimante. Je ne les ai pas ajoutés au modèle parce que les différents utilisateurs peuvent vouloir organiser leurs buses différemment de moi.

Ce porte-outils est doté d'un espace de rangement :

1 étrier à coulisse 5 clés

2 bouteilles de Magigoo 4 clés plates (fournies avec les imprimantes Creality)

1 colle folle ou similaire 3 crayons/stylos

1 outil d'ébavurage 4 petits tournevis

1 Grattoir 3 tournevis de taille normale

7 cartes SD 4 cartes Micro-SD

1 jeu de clés Allen standard pour imprimante 3D.

5 clés Allen de type tournevis

21 buses d'imprimante.

Et l'espace en bas correspond à mon niveau mais vous pouvez y mettre des stylos ou de petits objets.

MISE À JOUR 2-9-2020 : Ajout d'une version légèrement différente qui peut être imprimée sur un lit de taille Ender-3 car la version originale est 9mm trop large. Seulement de légers changements.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

J'ai imprimé le mien avec une buse de 0,4 mm à une hauteur de couche de 0,2 mm. Mais vous pourriez et devriez probablement utiliser une buse plus grande (.6 ou .8mm) et une hauteur de couche beaucoup plus grande. Cela permettra de faire le travail beaucoup plus rapidement.

Aucun radeau ou support n'est nécessaire.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL
  • Dernière mise à jour : 2020/05/04 à 12h40
  • Date de publication : 2019/12/20 à 1h33





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36 commentaires

What are the dimensions of this?

Hi, just bought the model - looks like exactly what Ive been looking for!
But , ooof, when I slice it (Im fairly new to 3d printing) in cura (and I tried prusa)... At 0.28mm layer height and 10% infill - it estimates its gonna take like 600g+ of filament (and almost 3 days)... Can it really be more than half a roll of filament for a box with holes in in ? 😳

Update. I have started printing the model on my Prusa MK3S and its printing fine. Sliced using the latest slicer no issues with that.

Can anyone please confirm if this can be printed on the bed size of Prusa MK3S? I am reading a few contradictions in the comment section.

Thank you for you comment. Glad that you got it printed.

But I confirm it works on Prusa Slicer, it says that it's out of the bed, but you can slice it and print it just fine :) Thanks

Unfortunately the trick is not working, and I was already using the ender 3 pro settings

For Ender-3 users that are slicing with Cura - Watch this video if you can't get the Ender-3 sized print to slice.

Your not the first to run in to that issue. Personally I do not use Cura so I'm not going to be much help but the best I can tell, Cura has the bed size settings for the Ender3 incorrect. Simplify3D and Prusa Slicer both work fine. I'd recommend Prusa Slicer for the Ender3 now that they include the Ender3 profile by default.

Do not scale the print or it will not be usable.

Hum it appears that if i put it to 96% it worked, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea because maybe holes won't fit tools

Hi, I can confirm that cura won't let you slice it for ender 3 pro : here's some infos for you,
Feel free to ask for more details because i'm completly noob (3 pieces printed so far) on it so I don't really know everything about cura.
I guess it say it's too big, is it possible to do something about it ?

Hello friend, can you share the 3d obj of the file? Because I want to edit it, and the stl file cannot be edited.

Nice! Look forward to seeing the finished result. :)

I'm about to print this on an Ender 3 with a 0.8mm nozzle. I'll probably start the print tonight. According to Cura, it will take 16hs with only one wall. I'll post my results as soon as possible.

OK well then I really don't know. You said you had to scale down to: x: 108 y: 197.0982 z: 139.5 mm That is smaller than your print volume.

I honestly can't help you there. The full size Ender3 file is X120 x Y219 x Z 155 So that is just within your max build size.
Again, I would use the prusa slicer as it is great for beginners and it comes now with an Ender 3 profile. I have no idea how to use Ultimaker as I only use Prusa and Simplify3D.

I am using ultimaker cure and I have XY at 220 and Y at 250

OK, what slicer are you using, what slicer profile are you using, what does the slicer profile you are using say the bed size is? XY and Z
X and Y should be set to 230 and Z should be set to 250. That would make the print fit easily on your ender 3.

Yes, if I understood that, what I would like to know is that you need me to tell you so that you can solve this error, because I need this piece as soon as possible

Sorry but there is no way to private message in this platform. Any email address I provide would be visible to the whole world.

If you are willing to give me your email I will use it.

Again, if you scale the print it will be useless so don't do that. This has nothing to do with scale. It has to do with your slicer profile for the ender 3 printer. Among many other things, this sets the maximum size you can print. I'm afraid that I can't teach you how to use your printer. That's something you will need to do on your own. I know that it can get frustrating at times, but there soo many great youtube videos on the Ender 3 and slicing out there. My recommendations if you you are new would be to use Prusa Slicer. The new version has a pre-defined Ender 3 profile that should work fine.

Please if you can give me an email to send you photos of the size I have to put in order to print it, I would appreciate it because I am new to this topic and I do not know much what you mean.
And before that, in order to print it, I have to set it to 90% size to be able to print it.

in order for me to print it I have to set it to x: 108 y: 197.0982 z: 139.5 mm

if you give me an email I can attach the photos

I've seen a couple people say that the Ender 3 file will not work on the Ender 3, that is odd because I resized the print based on the Ender 3 bed specs. (I don't own one). If you scale the print it will not work as all the wholes will be the wrong size.

Can someone tell me exactly how much I need to remove from what axis to make it work?

Hello, I have an ender 3 and the ender 3 file says that it is too big to print, do I have to reduce the size or something?

What ever your slicer software's default infill is should be fine.

Does infill pattern make any difference? Or should I be using a particular pattern?

Good info, I'll go PLA and 15% infill as you suggested. Thanks

Thank you SteveWag, Personally I would use a super cheap PLA over PET-G. It's more stable for such a big print job and there is less chances of warping. I did 15% infill. I personally wouldn't go much less than 10%.

I'm fairly new to 3D printing. I'm currious what you recommend for infill percentage for this print. Because of the size and cost, I'm thinking of using PET-G with 5 % infill ? Or can I even go with no infill but maybe thicker walls ? Maybe 5% infill is not enough ? I'd love your input.

Awesome tool holder by the way.

I added an Ender 3 friendly version for you. Only loses the hole that the Clear screw driver with the red bottom is in (see picture) and one nozzle.

Thanks for commenting on this so I could make it right for you.


I've printed this both on my Prusa MK3 and on my much larger CR-10. Looks like your only 9 mm too wide for the Ender 3. Let me see what I can do for you.

I purchased this to print on my Ender 3 Pro, however as I loaded it into Cura it seems to big for the print surface on the Ender 3. What was this printed on? Clearly, I can't scale this in the slicer since it will screw up all the sizes of the openings. Do you have one that will fit on the Ender 3 perhaps with less nozzles and tool slots?

If anyone has any questions please feel free to post them here and I'll see that they are answered. :)

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