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Gyro Winder / Watch Winder / Remontoir Montre

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Description du modèle 3D

Autre model:èle-3d/gadget/dual-gyro-winder-watch-winder-remontoir-montre

Remontoir pour montre Automatique (Mécanique)
Composer de pièce imprimer en 3D Le programme de l'arduino est fourni

Prévoir :
Visserie M3 de différente longueur M3X12mm M3x8mm

Arduino Uno:

Moteur pas à pas Motor-28BYJ-48:

Interupteur 5V + Led

Alimentation 5V (USB ou autre chargeur de telephone)


Automatic watch winder (Mechanical)
Composing of room to print in 3D The program of the arduino is provided

Provide :
Screws M3 of different length M3X12mm M3x8mm

Arduino Uno:

Stepper Motor-28BYJ-48:

Switch 5V + Led:

5v Power Supply USB or Other

J'interdit toute copie ou toute ventes
I forbid any copying or sales

Paramètres d'impression 3D

ABS ou PLA 4 contour 5 dessus Remplissage 40%
ABS or PLA 4 perimeter 5 top Filling 40%

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL et ZIP



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Bruno ESGULIAN from Marseille.

Printers: Hypercube Ngen
Design Programs: CATIA



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58 commentaires

Hello does anyone have a step by step instruction for me ?

Hey. nice design. Is it possible to provide CAD files please? I'm not printing the parts since I don't have a printer. I will be using a CNC router to cut them and I need 2D drawings if it is possible. thank you

@VIDEOWIKAKOM The more Large Part is 120mm (Socle)

Merci pour le partage, beau projet !
Une question: quel diamètre fait la base ?
@ ++

Is there any instruction on how to assemble the pieces?
Thank you

I dont suppose it would be possible to get the cad files? I would like to make some tweeks withough having to recreate everything from scratch? (Bearings instead of screws and magnets instead of screws for the holder to ring connection). I understand if this isnt possible, but thought i would ask.

Ok, it’s just that it’s shown on the pictures of the assembled winder above (with red locking glue?). If not needed ok. (Although without it does slide up and down the screw on rotation, which a) makes a noise so not as silent as it could be, and b) surely will cause wear. Maybe I will remove the thread from the upper part of the screw.

@thegaryfrom2013 There is no need for a nut on the ARCEAU REAR is simply a screw that passes through the hole
the nut is on the MOVER V2

Is there an ommision on the Arceau Arriere.stl? There is no cutout for the nut on the inside of the piece? Its shown in the pictires of the finished model and seems necessary.

@GISELA_T Nothing to complicate about assembly.
on the other hand it is not necessary to tighten the screws of the pendulum to the maximum otherwise it will block the movement

This is an awesome design. May I ask is there an instruction on how to do this assembly, please? Thank you! :)

Can anyone tell me the height of the assembled model please?

@THEGARYFROM2013 Yes indeed the STL files are not in their optimal position for printing. you have to reposition them with your slicer

Just waiting on some bits and I will start printing. One question though, the orientation of the objects in the stl files, I take it these are by design in that orientation for printing. I ask as there are quite a few pieces that obviously require a lot of support material in their current orientation?

@ERICBRABEC Hello,do you have to check the stepper motor, does it run alone? otherwise you have probably reversed the order of the motor cables

I guess your screws are too tight, everything works with arduino nano. Try to launch your nano electronics without plastic parts. I have also made separate power for stepper driver.

Hello, I have uploaded the sketch to the nano, but what ever i set the speed to (even as low as 20) the motor will vibrate but not turn.
Bonjour, J'ai charge le sketch a bord de la carte nano, mais peu importe la valeur de vitesse (meme a 20, 100 ou autre) le motor ne tourne pas mais vibre seulement.
motor reference: STEP MOTOR 28BYJ-48 (5V DC)

Is very good design in your stl , when i purchase , can get arduino code?

@James_S thanks you so much for your support !

@NEDALLIVE Email sent, if you have any more questions or need any help please email me.

@NEDALLIVE There are people building your design and selling it. If you want the information please create an email to share with me here so I can send over the information.

@NEDALLIVE give me an email or something to send you the information.

in nano is the same pinu out.

Hi guys,

The wiring instructions are for arduino uno, but I bought the nano. Can someone help me with a picture or drawing how to do the wiring?

Thank you!

@JAMES_S can you give me more info? where's that going? please

I hope you are aware that people are building this and selling it on facebook.

Great design! The only issue for me is that I didn't realize until I put everything together that...I can't put a watch with a metal bracelet on it. A removable watch support would be great!

I printed it about 18 hours.

Hi, can you guys lét me know how long it took to print all the parts? I got an offer for printing. The estimated time I got was 40hours

Thank you very much for this model and code, i have made it and it works great. I’m going add leather and chromed screws to make it look more premium and than i will post my make here. And yes, i didn’t connect led because the power button has led anyway.

no sorry this price is not for resale

eying a level I used coding I used the cloistering of led to manage the delay
in fact I rather prophesy not to connect led.
otherwise you have to replace the code

is there an instruction on how to do this assembly? BTW Awesome design.

How big is the largest part? What size print bed would I need?

Hello, thank you for the great print. It is a masterpiece.
I would like to change the blinking led (during the Ecoulé mode) to a "breathing" led. I have tried to put 2 codes together, yours for the watch winder and the one arduino is providing for a breathing led, but every time i make a mess of it... Can you help me? Regards, Matthias (Belgium)

Hi! The blinking of the led is used to delay in position.
you can only not connect it

I want to delete the LED portion, as I don't want to use an LED. Is it as simple as deleting the part after "// Glignotement de la LED"

Hello !!
If you open the code with Notepad ++
between Line 43 and 68 it manages the rotation
Line 43 the value 20 means 20 rounds

once the WatchWinder has done 20 turns it pauses and it's the lines below that are copy pasted after 5 minutes

Bought the drawing and have printed it now. Thank you. Just one question, how is the ardiuno code written, i mean for how long does it spin and stop?
Thank you

Bonjour Guillaume,
pas d’inquiétude ! le principe et le même seul la taille change !
Le but est de brancher les les 4 câbles du contrôleur moteur sur les Pin D8 D9 D10 D11 dans les bon ordre comme sur le shema
Ensuite l'alimentation 5V sur le VCC ou VIN de la carte et le GND sur n'importe quel GND de la carte nano.
La led elle devras etre connecté sur le Pin D5
Si tu le souhaite tu peux changer les Pin pour d'autre il faudra alors changer leur N° dans le programme
Le tour est ensuite joué !

Bonjours, je ne comprends pas, le schémas ne correspond pas a ma carte j'ai une Nano Elegoo la meme que sur la photo mais sur le dessin c'est une Nano arduino Uno. Je suis vraiment debutant du coup je suis perdu... Peut on m'aider merci d'avance

Bonjour j'ai le programme sur arduino qui affiche une erreure quand je veut le charger
time not déclarer in thé scope


Bonjour non pas de shema de montage seulement le schema de câblage et le programme pour l'arduino

bonjour y'a t'il un schéma et explication de montage dans le zip

Ce n’est vraiment pas utile la montre tien très bien

Bonjour merci pour les photos, est ce que vous pensez que rajouter 2 écrous ne serait pas plus sûr?

Bonjour comme promis je viens d'ajouter des photo supplémentaires concernant la mise en place de la montre

Merci ! Il y. Deux vis qui sont monté sur le cerceau intérieur de l’arriere Vers lavant, le support de la montre est simplement enboité dessus sur les vis, j essaye de poster de nouvelles photos en fin de journée

Super boulot merci beaucoup, serait-il possible d'avoir quelques explications pour le montage ? Comment faire pour mettre ou enlever la montre ?

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