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Tray Seed Sprouter

Description du modèle 3D

A fast, easy and fun way to produce fresh, high-quality sprouts in your own kitchen.

It’s easy to produce nutritious sprouts in just 3-5 days.

Each tray is 7 cm wide by 2,5 cm tall.

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Just try to catch what passes to me by the head.

I sought, being child, a matter to work to give body to the ideas.
Plastic, wood and stone to come to metal.
But the forces concerned require machines to impose the idea.

Three-dimensional modeling gives body directly to the idea thanks to the forces of mathematics.

Which extraordinary force gives body to the idea of an orchis or a horse?

Since, one tests tricks, to see what it gives the idea…

Work Process : Catch idea (ta onta), 3D modelling and 3Dprint with RepRap Prusa i3.

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