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Ornate picture frame

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Description du modèle 3D

I'm collecting old baroque picture frames for some years now to publish my photos in them (and to distract the viewers eye away from the amateurish photos to all the ornaments and shiny stuff).

Now as I'm in posession of a 3d-printer (or vice versa?) it seems obvious for me to print such frames by myself now and perhaps color them with golden paint some day. So I was searching the web for printable models of such frames - to no avail. It seems like a combined obsession for frames and 3d-printing is kind of a niche-fetish.

However, I finally found a few renderings of beautiful frames which unfortunately were unprintable because of open surfaces, overhangs and generally a very bad mesh quality (at least for printing purpose).

Now I solved that issue by repairing the mesh to be printable at least and changing the geometry a little. As there are still some intersecting meshes I recommend to tell your slicer to fix overlapping meshes (which cura for example handles gracefully).

One huge problem still exists nevertheless: I'm not sure wether I'm allowed to publish that file now because I'm not the original creator and I'm not able to get in contact to him (there's also no license information on the page I found the model). As it is a free design available on the web, I decided that it can't be a huge crime to do that - so unless the designer won't bother me I'll keep it uploaded here for general enjoyment.

Anyway I'd like to thank Jan Sinovski for designing and publishing that frame (If you ever read this please get in contact with me - because there's no way to contact you at which is really strange).

Here's the original file:

edit: Oh, and the caption to the picture says "flatmate of the month"... which is me. Forever.

editedit: I sprayed the white frame from my pictures with golden paint. Looks better than expected (see new picture). Gonna try that next with a wooden-printed frame.

editedit: I put some work into smoothing the surfaces to make it bigger. After doing so I split the frame into 8 pieces to be printed on a 20x20 buildplate. The whole thing is 54x43cm in size after being glued together and uses a total of 1,1kg of material (incl. support).

Printing took me almost a week but it looks really great so far. I'll upload pictures as soon as the whole thing is done; I still have to glue it together, hide the gaps with acrylic filler, coat it in epoxy, sand it and paint it golden/black.

Paramètres d’impression 3D

Printer Brand:

Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2





You'll need some support for overhangs above ~70% and a brim is strongly recommended.

Also watch out for your retraction settings: A low minimum retraction distance and a high retraction length is recommended. Especially when you're printing wood which at least for me is almost impossible to print without having oozed material in the small details all around (which overall gives a messy look and is pretty time consuming to remove). Printing in PLA almost works perfectly though.


if material = wood then
remove residues for hours and still be unsatisfied
sand it and watch how it gets even shittier
paint it golden to cover up the worst parts
ditch it or hang it in your toilet
elseif material = PLA then
adore your creation
elseif material = ABS then
try to smooth it with acetone vapor

Informations sur le fichier 3D

  • Numéro du design: 11537
  • Format du design 3D : STL Détails du dossier Fermer
    • bottom.stl
    • bottomleft.stl
    • bottomright.stl
    • left.stl
    • right.stl
    • rohmen4.stl
    • top.stl
    • topleft.stl
    • topright.stl

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  • Date de publication : 2017-05-23 à 15h54


CC BY-NC-SA - Attribution - Pas d’utilisation commerciale - Partage dans les mêmes conditions


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