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DIY Auto Plant Waterer

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Description du modèle 3D

A DIY Auto Plant Waterer for keeping your plants watered while away based on the water wicking method for keeping soil moist.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

The DIY Auto Plant Waterer that I first tested worked quite well (See:

I can get about 1 week+ of auto watering to my fairly large potted plant using a 1.89 L bottle (ocean spray juice bottle).
This is the revised design which I tested since the first one worked so well.

Additional materials needed:
1. A long wick made from an absorbent material like cotton which, should be the length from the soil (I'd say about 4 cm or more deep into the soil if you want) through the tube of the plant waterer into the container holding the water (touching its base).

  1. A water container e.g. a 1.89 L ocean spray bottle (I used several types, hence I have several container connectors in the files) or similar with a neck (for attaching the auto plant waterer).

  2. and of course water!
    Previous working test design:

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