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Distributeur de savon moussant pour les mains Disney Mickey Mouse | Bain et travaux corporels

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Description du modèle 3D

**Si vous n'avez pas d'imprimante et que vous souhaitez vous rendre dans ce magasin Etsy **

Il s'agit d'un dérivé du distributeur de savon vendu dans les modèles 3D de Disney Japon et de Imalittlesomthing (poignée instagram, regardez-les). Il se fixe sur n'importe laquelle des nouvelles pompes à main moussantes de Bath and Body Works qu'il fixera sur les anciennes pompes, mais il est moins ajusté.

Cette impression se compose de 2 fichiers à imprimer : l'un est le corps de la pompe ; l'autre est le bouchon que vous pouvez utiliser pour personnaliser votre impression. Je vous recommande d'imprimer le corps en PETG car il est plus souple et vous pouvez être un peu plus brutal avec lui.

Le surfaçage peut être en tout thermoplastique, il suffit de le fixer avec de la super-colle. Si vous imprimez le corps sur un support lisse, vous devrez peut-être poncer et nettoyer la zone avant d'appliquer le topper. J'ai inclus un fichier .3mf qui permet de pré-appliquer les renforts si vous utilisez le Prusa Slicer.

Si vous le pouviez, vous pourriez poster vos empreintes :)

Paramètres d'impression 3D

J'ai utilisé .15 couches et 100% de remplissage pour que les petites pièces soient robustes .2 couches semblent bien fonctionner

Informations sur le fichier 3D

  • Format du design 3D : 3MF et STL Détails du dossier Fermer
    • Color_topper.stl
    • Finished pump_v3_biggernozzle.3mf
    • Finished pump_v3_biggernozzle.stl
    • Finished pump_v3_no_logo.stl
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  • Date de publication : 2020/05/26 à 22h25





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how the heck do I get this to print and get the supports out

Hi, I had purchased your Etsy product as well, the 3d file here is a little different from the one being sold in Etsy.

The Etsy product works really well, the 3d print dint work due to the nozzle issue, is there a way you could attach that file instead? I had bought this thinking it's the same, however, it is a little different. The main issue seems the nozzle, no matter what the foam keeps coming out of the nozzle itself.

This print took a second, but I found the some easy fixes.

I fixed this by shrinking the neck length in the slicer by 2mm. Then since the 3mf file had the supports, I was able to delete and print without any supports except for the nozzle support that was included in the 3mf file. The soap holes came with slight strings but I removed it with some clippers.

I cut the nozzle support by opening my clippers as wide as the supports and cutting it right off. Because it is slightly shrunk it will be a little tighter to fit on so don't be afraid to force it down a bit after you put the front of the nozzle on.

They come out great though and all in one piece. My SO is excited to have them around the house. Thank you for the file!

It took me multiple tries and switching over to the 3mf file for Prusa Slicer and now I've been very successful at printing out this model and proficient in getting the supports out. One issue though is that foam still comes out around the nozzle and behind the area where the mickey foam comes out. Anyone having that and figured out a fix? Was thinking supergluing the nozzle to it but that's not exactly something you can just test :-D

Changed printing orientation, worked OK. So I was looking at the comments and trying to decide the best way to print. I stood it upright, wings facing down and Disney D pump side straight up (like a tall tower). Raft with no supports anywhere except at the base from raft to outside of base and wings plus tree supports from outside to triple pump holes. Wife is very happy and I will be making a few more.

I should have read ALL the comments a bit better before I bought this so let this be a warning to anybody else looking to spend money on this file. It is going to be a lot of work to get all the supports out of the inside of the model. There are a lot of ways you could get around this. You could model it with curved no-support needed structures on the interior. You could make it two pieces like one commenter suggested. The hand guards could very easily just be modeled to be at an appropriate angle to not need supports. Also this is not a model that you can edit or fix yourself. I would not recommend anybody buy this until it's updated with a no-support option.

I've tried printing several in PLA on my Cr10s and SidewinderX1. I have gotten several high quality prints, but removing the support from the foam cavity has been a nightmare and the two arms just fall off on every print. I've been using simplify 3D with auto generated supports so I wonder if that is part of the problem? I will try Prusa Slicer just to see if I get a different result. Just had a thought though. Would it be possible or feasible to break the pump into two parts. Basically, if the bottom of the foam cavity were printed separately, you would need no supports at all. It would basically just be a cap. Then you could just glue the bottom/cap to the main body / foam cavity. Any other thoughts on that?

Was anyone else able to print this without supports? Seems impossible, right?

Whenever I use it it makes the Mickey head but it also starts coming out the back. Any ideas to fix?

I use needle nose plyers and a small screw driver is what I use

I printed it with the supports with Prusa, how do you get them out?

to show the supports you have to turn on the "only support enforcers" option on prusa slicer

The .3M file shows how I have the supports layed out and I use a tool like some needle nose plyers to pull out my support.

Maybe you can post a file that has the supports for slicing in cura?

Tried to print the model with the supports already on the print, but they don’t come off. It’s like they are added to be part of the print and not supports. Any thoughts?

Is there anyway I can the file for prusa but without the Disney “D” logo on it. Please.

Thank you for your help! I was able to print this. I have yet to test it since I don’t have any bath and body soap around. If you make a Method soap file or modification I’d gladly buy it right away.

If you're using prusa slicer all you have to do if select the support enforcers on the drop down and slice and the enforcers I added will be in the print

Hello! So I downloaded the file and can not locate the 3m file to show how to make the supports. How can I add the supports in pursa slicer. Thanks

So through out my testing the foaming action always seemed to foam better if there's more volume for the foam to expand but I can add a bit more on the inside and post it

I was wondering if there is a way to fill it inside to get a way to get the foam directly to the mickey shape as you have to pump up to 2-3 times and when the soap is not foamy it leaves a lot of soap leaking from the top.

I'm glad I have not tried it without the supports in the interior I will try to do that myself soon. Sadly I do not have any plans to release the model files. What modifications would you suggest? The size is as snug as the bottles will allow as the end that goes into the bottle can snap off if it's forced on with too much pressure.

It worked without the internal supports, I was worried about the top coming down without any support but it printed out pretty well. My only concern now is that the inside is huge and I have some leak between the nozzle and the adapter. Wondering if you have the 3D file to help you make some enhancements. The print looks great and my daughters love it!


Yes the internal supports need removed I did mine with some needle nose pliers you could potentially just use a small screwdriver mine came out fairly easy

hi Benxfactor!

so i finished my print, besides the curvy thingy on the sides that needs to be removed. does the internal supports needs to be removed also?

Hey so the nozzle only need supports under the nozzle I would put support blockers inside the nozzle itself. The 3mf file I have supplied will show you where I put supports to print my version of the file. If you download prusa slicer this is the easiest way to the the support enforcers. Let me know if you have any more questions 😊

I have downloaded and Printed this model and everything looks good until I attach the soap dispenser, for some reason the hole that connects to the soap dispenser is completely closed, do you know what setup do I need to do to allow the soap to go through it? it took me to print this 4 hours with a Chiron by Anycubic @ .25mm. Please let me know if I'm missing any step or change in the settings. Thank you! Great job!

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