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Fichier 3D Imperius(Diablo) Warhammer Pièce, travisleebarker86
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Imperius(Diablo) Warhammer Pièce

Description du modèle 3D

Ceci est un modèle 3D que j'ai créé pour Warhammer. Il a une base de 50 mm. La conception de la pièce de jeu est seulement disponible en plastique givré Détail. (Certaines des photos ont une version colorée, qui est seulement un exemple de ce qu'il pourrait ressembler quand il est peint.)

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL


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I'm a 3D and 2D Artist, currently working for ZVerse Inc. as a Freelance 3D Organic Modeler (specializing in 3D printing). I'm a full-time freelancer who is always looking for new opportunities. Feel free to send me a message if my skills fit what you are looking for.



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Hi Travis
I believe that maybe you must warn about this, because the most usual is to have a 3D printer that needs some kind of supports.


Hello Cosomo,

My apologies about the sales price difference I did recently lower all the prices of my models. I'm honestly not quite sure how it would work with supports. It's been successfully printed on Shapeways but I think their printing process might be a bit different. I've never needed to design supports for any of my models, but I think it would depend on the type of printer. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if I can be of any further help.


Hi, last 19th March we have downloaded this model (I suppose it's the same but we have paid much more, 5,65€, maybe it's not exactly the same).
The question is that we have used different slice software (Materialise Magics, EnvisionTEC Perfactory RD, SImplify3d and Cura) to generate supports but in all the cases we found that no one of them has generated supports for all the areas needed. For example the majority of all the peaks of the wings are left without supports.
Why this happens?
How to solve it?