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Full size Destiny Hawkmoon

Description du modèle 3D

Hawkmoon est un canon à main exotique. Il est actuellement exclusif pour les plates-formes PlayStation jusqu'à l'automne 2015. Il peut être obtenu à partir de raids, le Crucible, le Weekly Nightfall Strike, Strike playlists et engrams. Le canon argenté de l'arme comporte des gravures complexes "de plumes de hawk" qui ont été sculptées dans son design.

"Tête ta proie et lâche tes talons sur l'obscurité".

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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Hi I am Chris, married with 3 grown children. I spent 25 years in production engineering in a variety of industries. I became severely sight impaired 5 years ago so turned my hobby and love of 3d printing and 3d design into my business and passion.
Our products became so popular on Etsy, we opened our own website,
We have only ever used Felix printers for our FDM work & we now proudly resell Felixprinters & printing products in the UK. We sell our models all over the world.
I am hoping to add to my printer collection and build up my hub for an even wider range of printing services.



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I found that the yellow abs is some of the best quality abs to use for large prints. Is there something with the color additive i wonder that gives extra flow and stronger adhesion of layers.