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Dugtrio Funny modèle d'impression 3D

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Description du modèle 3D

Ce produit est pour l'impression 3D peut être utilisé pour des figures, des mèmes, des ornements, des jouets ou tout ce qui a à voir avec l'art de l'impression 3D ce modèle mesure environ 16 cm de haut dans le fichier vous trouverez deux versions pour la facilité d'impression ou de manière de confort pour travailler avec :

1.le modèle en une seule pièce.

2.le modèle sur la pièce avec la dentelle pour son impression par les pièces.

3 une note sur le produit et des informations sur le créateur Toutes les questions peuvent être communiquées avec moi par ce moyen ou par email. Merci.

site web:

Informations sur le fichier 3D

  • Format du design 3D : STL Détails du dossier Fermer
    • base dugtrio.stl
    • dugtrio derecho.stl
    • dugtrio izquierdo.stl
    • dugtrio medio.stl

    En savoir plus sur les formats

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how are you guys printing this with the toe off in the air? support wont generate properly. makes me think this model isnt perfect for FDM.

I made this model 2 times. 440% and 500%. When it is bigger - easier to remove supports. Fingers are weak spot. Do not print dudes 1 by 1, print version where they are all together. Soil part may need a little rework for easy use (when you put on/remove pot). I used knife and grinderpaer to solve this. Took me about 10mins. It is a good model, it's just not easy to print.

I don’t know about the pot and soil. I didn’t print them and I won’t bother to do it either.

The size of dugtrio is good and variable, the pot and soil are the problem they dont match... I

The seller is just here to sell not to adjust the model !! I bought it and it was not matched , but he said it was the old file and he won't refund me or send me the new file... Going to report him if he doesn't react. It's a waste of money !!

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@Vstudios, how does the split one work on SLA anyway? 😂 you cannot assemble them. I think nobody printed it that way and got a successful print.

The only one that worked out for me is the joint one. I printed scaled up to 400%

still need to work oiut sizes thu that others did

the samples of the makers, you can see that they prefer to do it that way

try the joint so you only have fewer pieces. Putting good supports on it will help you.

ah right the single characters or the three of them together but u still need to make that bigger and the pot base and soil

new to printing. still figuring all that out.
downloaded it but no file where he is all together

It is actually easy to print if you have knowledge of the printer, there are 2 types of files, the separate pieces were made for sla, and the united one is recommended for fdm, please put good supports. You can see samples of some who printed it, and it looks great on him.

looking at buying this, but seems from comments its a waste of time an money :(

DO NOT TRY TO PRINT THE SPLIT MODEL. This guy clearly has no idea how assemblies work and he probably didnt even test the split model to check how badly he designed it. It was a great waste of time @Vstudios....

mate, great job with the model, but after paying a premium for this, you didn't even include supports on the model. i mean, after paying almost 10 euros, i expect the model to be absolutely ready to print. i hope you will address this soon, cus it doesnt seem fair.

your a bad seller !! Still waiting half a year for an awnser on my product...

Any tips/guide about how to connect them together? ) I almost finished printing 3rd dude, and it looking hard to understand how they supose to merge (

hello, what is the approximate weight?

Sometimes the printing usually varies depending on the printer that is used, I use Ultimaker 5 and I had no problem that if with supports and speed: 50 mm / s - filling: 20% the resolution I do not think it affects anything, that if it would be better than Print the one attached to the base and be careful to remove the supports from the hands as you can break some fingers. supports are important, or it would also be safer to make tree support. The only bad thing is that the tree supports are difficult to remove.

You still didn't mail me. Please respond.

hi mate.. i tried to print many times all failed.. please giude me to the correct setting.. speed. quality. material.. etc

i am a beginner (-_-)

Hey mate, I just purchased this model expecting it to be in colour based off the front image. Is there any chance to get the model in colour? I have access to a full colour 3D printer and wanted to print this out for a friend as a gift.

WOEFMAN yes, to help you.

I don't have it. Can I email you so I can send you a picture ?

the models are found with the correct measurements because they were revised

I got the same problem with measurements.... Pot is to big.

Hi, thanks for notifying, the model measures have already been fixed. You can leave me your mail.


You should reupload all stl so the scale is consistent between them all

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