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Masque de dérive Fortnite

Description du modèle 3D

Masque de dérive de Fortnite

Un masque de dérive pleine grandeur, coupé pour une machine Prusa/Replicator2/Wanhao, mais des masques non coupés sont également inclus.

Les dimensions se trouvent dans le fichier image. Le masque a une hauteur d'environ 339 mm et une largeur d'environ 188 mm. Le trou dans la taille du dos est ~176mm de large et ~240mm de haut. Ce masque peut être mis à l'échelle pour s'adapter à des têtes plus petites.

Il s'agit d'une représentation faite par un fan.

Nous ne sommes en aucun cas affiliés sous licence.

par Epic Games

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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I design props and costumes mostly. I am not an engineer nor a trained artist. I learned almost everything from watching Youtube videos and just messing around in designing software. I started designing with Fusion 360 in August 2016.



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does it come out on color when I printed

Hey! I wanted to ask if I can transfer the money to you and do you accept €? I dont have paypal/ a credit card.
Have a nice day!

the payment is dollar since I am from Mexico would be depending?the payment is dollar since I am from Mexico would be depending?

Cura, simplify3d, any slicing software.

Blender, zbrush, most designing software.

We are making finished mask currently. They will be available on our Etsy store.

mate that is to 3d print, here you cant buy it made, and colors is a hand painting job

can i buy this made??

if i buy this?? will it have the colors on it??

i did two and finish painting today! amazing!
ya hice dos y termine de pintarlas hoy! son bestiales

alguien me la puede vender ya hecha por favor?

yes i bougth it and making the lower half, is going smooth but slow with a 0.4 nozzle

It was printed at 15% infil. I only use supports at the base. The are no supports are in the inside. I use simplify 3D.

hi, what infill do you use? all supports? i use slic3r prusa edition

Hi... will this run in CURA?... I have the CR10 300x300... Thank you

never mind i turned it to a obj opened it on blender then it came in 3d bulider thanks for your time

so should i dowload it from here

Gaming89, I don't see your name on the list of people who downloaded this file.

I just opened the file in 3D builder with no issues. I added the picture of the file in 3D builder.

I have printed this file many times.With no issues.

it wont open in 3d builder or any other app except pepakura

The download comes with a PDF file but no PDO files. I just check the STL file here on cults3d and they are fine. I have printed this file successfully 4 times. Sorry I do not know what would cause your files to turn into a PDO.

for some reason it became a PDO