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Description du modèle 3D

Note de décès LIGHT YAGAMI


  • La chaîne PlaKit Youtube est ouverte !

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En attendant votre soutien ! Merci à vous tous ! Aimez Ya ! <3<3<3

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PlakitTV Channel](

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Paramètres d'impression 3D

  • Il y a comme d'habitude la version Haute Résolution et une version optimisée sans la base. La base thématique PlaKit est séparée et vous pourrez la coller plus tard.

  • La taille recommandée est Z (hauteur) au-dessus de 70mm. 100mm, c'est parfait ! Et l'utilisation de supports.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



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Some experience in Gaming industry as a Designer/3D modeler.
A Hobbyist/Geeky/Gamer/Otaku wanting to share own designs of popular characters and props.
I'm trying to upload at least a model per day, I will appreciate if you follow me here, on Twitter and Instagram to be notified when I upload new stuffs!

My models have lot of details so it's recommended to print the Z scale above 70mm with supports. Depends of your preferences and your printer settings.

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UPDATES Jan/2019


  • The PlaKit Youtube Channel is opened! GO and SUBSCRIBE right NOW!!! It's an Order!! XD

Waiting for your support there! Thank You All! Love Ya! <3<3<3

PlaKitTV Channel:

PlakitTV Channel

  • Lot happened in the end of the 2018. I was planning to launch a Patreon campaign but after all the controversy and political(or not) drama and privacy issues I decided not to make my stuff there. Some of my followers said me that going to support me in other alternative ways but not going to put a penny through Patreon platform, so... Looking for some alternatives I realized that in turbulent moments like this is better don't rely on third party companies. You don't know if things that happened with Patreon or Subscribestars(a Patreon-ish like site) going to happen again with these alternatives simply destroying all the things you built.

  • As a Designer (a webdesigner too), decided to make my own site. Why I didn't thought since the beginning? because my intention was to use Patreon's giant user base. So, the intention of the site is to have regular updates with exclusive site only models, merchs, a community space, tutorials, lot of fun stuff for hobbyist and fans. Follow my social networks for more news soon!

  • The Youtube channel is coming too, like I announced since I started to make my things it's really close to be launched. With lot of tutorials, step-by-step, hints and tips, etc.

  • More Models? Of course I don't forgot the great community of Thingiverse and Cults 3D that followed and supported me since the beginning, so, don't worry still going to make my regular free stuff and share there as always! ;D

Please, do not support scam sites or individuals that tries to sell my stuff. Only trust sites or individuals that I authorize or announce in my social medias. Don't feed SCAM sites. Support me and I can continue to offer you Great thingies here!



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