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Fichier imprimante 3D gratuit C Cucumber, yourwildworld

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C Cucumber

Description du modèle 3D

A... B... C Cucumber! A key player joins us today as a part of BEACH WEEK! Download C Cucumber so he can hang out in your sandy environments. He likes to chill out in houseplants and on desks too!
By product of Jetty's Imagination, come to life!

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Paramètres d'impression 3D

We use replicatorG to slice and support most of our prints due to their overhanging nature. The slicer has a very effective support system that tends to leave minimal scars on the print itself, although it can print some things in a block of support material.
We find the best way to remove the print from the block of support material is with a butter knife and a small scraping tool. You can work the butter knife in between the vertical seems in the support structure and twist the knife. This loosens most of the support material which can then be worked around by hand to remove most of it.
Use the butter knife and scraper to remove the last remaining stuck bits.
We also have noticed that a low power butane torch can be good for cleaning up discolorations and fuzzies on the print. Be careful not to melt or leave the heat aimed at one point for to long
Warning : Be Careful cleaning your prints, don't burn or cut yourself. Do not let your children handle sharp things or fire. It's not our responsibility to prevent yourself from getting hurt cleaning your prints.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL





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