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XDSR Rubber Band Gun

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Description du modèle 3D

This rubber band gun modeled after a Springfield XDS 9mm PRINTS IN PLACE, no assembly required. That is right, no assembly, no glue, no screws. Just remove the supports load and fire. It includes a removable magazine to hold extra ammo. It fires #31 rubber bands so no need to spend money on over priced "rubber band gun ammo".

Below is a link to the rubber bands this is designed for. If you use stronger rubber bands, or load more than four shots it may result in failure of the rotor.

Alliance Rubber 96315 Advantage Rubber Bands Size #31 , 1 lb Box Contains Approx. 850 Bands (2 1/2" x 1/8", Red)

Because this is a highly detailed replica of an actual firearm, only print it bright colors to avoid it being mistaken for the real thing.*

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Layer Height: 0.2

Supports: From build plate only, if you are using custom supports ensure to support the rotor and the axle is spins on. Also remove any supports that extend up into the body as they will be difficult to remove.

I also recommend increasing your support density to at least %50 or using a dense support layer to make sure the texture on the grips comes out well.

4 shells

Infill: 30%

Orient the model so that the barrel is pointed upward and tilted at a 15 degree angle towards the top of the gun as seen in the picture.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL
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  • Date de publication : 2019/05/02 à 23h35



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Hi, my name is Walt, I am a Retired United States Marine. Thanks for checking out my designs. If you want to see more of my designs and prints check out my Instagram @waltswoodworksand3dprinting, or watch my videos on YouTube @waltswoodworks3d.



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I uploaded a picture of the supports. However I suspect your problem is more with your support settings, or temerature being too high. Supports shouldnt be so hard to remove that they break the part. Message me on Instagram or gmail, links in bio, if you need any more help.

Hi. Could you post a pic of your supports from beneath the build plate? I got close on my first try, but broke the back off trying to remove a support.

I see no reason why. They print fine on a Creality Ender 3

Thanks for the fast reply ,I found the setting and sorry for bothering you. Thanks!

Read the printing directions, select "supports from build plate only" in your slicer. This will keep it from generating support inside. Also tilt the gun at a 15 degree angle towards the top of the barrel. Let me know if you have anymore questions. My Instagram and email are in my profile.
Happy Printing!

I just bought this and was wondering if its okay if there are supports in the model. If not, do you have an stl with the correct supports for it to work.

This one should be no problem then, it is much smaller than the 1911. Happy Printing!

awsome thank you. I printed your 1911 but I only have 180x 180 y 200z. I had to make it go from corner to corner and put it at a steeper angle than the 15 degrees you recommended. It still came out alright. one of the rotor nubs was messed up but it still functions.

About 25x, 110y, 160z, any of my guns can be printed on a Ender 3 or Prusa MK3

what are the build volume requirments?

I added a magazine with tighter tolerances for anyone who is having issues with the mag falling out.

Took a couple tries to dial in my setting to make this bad ass print. I had to use my .4mm nozzle and .2 layers. My .5 mm nozzle was just to tight for the tolerances. I think it took me between 5-8 min of cleaning out supports for freeing up the action. Once it was free it shot rubber bands right a way. Awesome job!

Printed on a mk3. Crash was detected about 18 hours into the 20 hour print. First crash on my machine ever. After the crash was detected it reoriented the extruder and continued the print, but it was off a few inches so unfortunately I cancelled the print.

Gun still functions as it was past the top catch for the bands, but I'll have to look at the file and see what the hang-up is as both of your guns have to be at the right angle to fit a prusa. Slicer has my profiles and didn't show it as printing out of the build area.

Kinda bummed, wanted to snag the 1911 as well and print that too but that's an even larger print so I'll try to get this printed fully first.

Magazine does slip out so I might edit the thickness or add some bumps. Also, can your next design have a rubber band gun that shoots harder/further? Using your reccomended ammo and wish I could get about double the distance. Don't know if that would mean a lot bigger "gun" or just a quirky design which would stretch the ammo more and have a different release point.

Or, maybe make a "screw on" silencer by threading the original gun and silencer which could the. Be added to either weapon and increase shot distance by increasing the bands stretch before firing.

Love the work either way. Just gotta get it 100% now and try to get you to make a "silencer" which real Function is increasing shot distance.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks for downloading. Let me know if you have any problems, and please share pictures of your print. If you are on Instagram tag me @waltswoodworksand 3dprinting

Very Cool! Thank you for your service! I enjoyed my time in. If this prints well on my printer, I'll be sure to nab up your 1911!

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