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Pompe à jet d'eau

Description du modèle 3D

This is a 60mm water Jet pump Good for powerfull brushless motors

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Hi Sir,
Can you please get in touch with me, we can discuss some different size drives that I need. I manufacture Jet Boards, petrol and electric. [email protected]

Hello , yes I can do that. I need to know what exact size you need.

Can you make a larger size model of this to be printed? I can pay you for it. about 85mm to 90mm outtake. Do you have the impeller designed as well?

I purchased this, love the parts, but need to customize for our setup, can you provide STEP files please?

Just bought your jet files, awesome stuff.
Can you tell me what bearing you put in the diffuser 8x22x7?
Also, how do you attached the impeller to 8mm shaft? just a small through nut and bolt?
Anything else you use to assemble diffuser and impeller? those are the only parts im needing for my home project :)

Which files are included in the download? Is there a prop as well, or info about the adequate size of the prop?
Is it the 2 piece, or the one piece version of the main part?

How does one print individual parts for the "new Version"? I purchased this plan because of the steering capability show in the first photo.