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Tony Starks Hot Rod

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Description du modèle 3D

a model similar to Tony Starks Hot Rod , I have used parts from my Freedom Roadster to produce it. It has complete Printing and assembly instructions. You could user finer setting on your printer other than suggested to produce a smoother finish. It can be printed over a number of days , You will need a few basic tools and small screws to assemble it.
If you decide to paint make sure you use a undercoat or spray putty and sand super smooth before applying the top coat.
Painting the flames should be done before you stick them to the body, You could also hand paint the flames on if you like.
I really enjoy designing for 3D printing and assembling, most parts have a flat surface to print from and only a few have support. It also has flex tires.

Don't be daunted by the number of parts in assemblies together beautifully and you will enjoy the experience and the pleasure of viewing the model once finished.
As an option you can add your RC control gear to it can be housed in the boot and a servo near the drivers feet position.
Tony Starks Hotrod Model Assembly instructions By Chris Mc Connell
step procedure Part no.s Hardware tools
1 Attach and screw both front and rear rails to the floor - 1,2,3,4, 4g brass counter sunk brass wood screw 12mm long*4
2 Slide Drop Axle and Radiator on to front rails- 5-3,4

3 Place fins into grill surround (goes in on angle)
Clip on to Drop Axle and Radiator- 7,6,-5

4 Attach stub axles to drop axle- 9,10-5 M4 20mm long pan head
5 Attach long steering arm to both stub axles- 8 4g pan head self-taper*2
6 Attach steering arm to LHS stub axle- 11 4g pan head self-taper
7 Insert front beam into holes on front rails- 19,-4,3
8 Locate dowel pins of front stabilizers into floor holes and drop axle holes( take note of Left and right)- 38-1,5

9 Locate RHS and LHS head lights in locating holes in drop axle/front rails - 12-1,3,4

10 Locate rear stabilizers on rear spacers- 37,14

11 Locate rear stabilizers on to floor, from below into rear most slot, close to outside edge of floor- 37,1

12 Place long axle through rear spacers and rear rails (hole)- 13-14,37

13 Assemble front wheels and click on to stub axle
( Hold stub axle and push assembled wheel until home, then rotate until free to turn)-
15front-white wall

14 Assemble rear wheels & click on to rear axle (prt13)-
15 Assemble red firewall and cowl together- 26,27 4g by 6mm long Pan head self-taper*2
16 Attach doors to cowl you need to cut down small brass/steel flat nails to 7.0 mm long. Then position the nail in the door hinge hole and locate it in position with the cowl hinge hole and push the nail through the hole to from the rotating pin for the door hinges, repeat for both doors.- 28,29-27 20mm long by 1.5mm dia. Brass nail ( cut down),
17 Locate steering wheel on dash steering mount and push dash into hole in cowl from behind. - 22,21-27

18 Locate together, cowl assembly to floor and screw together.
(*make sure the steering arm,8, is free to slide through the opening on the steering wheel side)- 27-1

19 Option push in pedals and pedals blank if required, in slots LHS,RHS - 24,25-1
20 Screw seat supports to base of seat Note Left and right sides place in slots on floor and screw into place form the sides.-
20,20a-1 4g 12mm long pan head self-taper*2
4g 6mm long pan head self-taper*2
21 Assemble block, heads, inlet manifold, joiner & auto
(Use 1.75 filament 8 mm long as dowel pins to locate block to heads and inlet.
Glue in joiner and auto to rear of block.
Use PVA glue and locate assembly on to chassis.- 31,32,33,35,34 PVA
22 Push the gear lever in to auto.- 23-34

23 locate boot and secure it with screws to the floor- 30-1 4g pan head self-taper*2
24 Option, and door handles to inside of doors
Screw into handle first then hold it on door and screw in, use care.- 41-28,29 4g counter sunk brass wood screw 12mm long*2
25 Glue in radiator pipes to radiator heads- 42,43 -32 -5 PVA
26 Locate window frames and position in holes in cowl- 39-27

27 Use template to cut out windscreen a fit to frames-

28 Position flames and mark door lines .Using a cutting board and Stanley knife cut to fit and glue into position-
Alternatively use the flames as a template and paint the flames, which could look better. 40 PVA or other
29 Fit exhaust manifolds to block push into place- 36 -31

30 Use some filament to add a couple of fuel lines to the cardies.

Tony Starks Hotrod Model
Printing Instructions
By Chris McConnell

number Name instructions colour settings
0.3mm layer height, with raft, 10 % infill
1 Floor Build flat on base

2 Rear rail 2 required Build on side

3 Front arm LHS Build on side with engine mount up Use supports
4 Front arm RHS Build on side with engine mount up Use supports
5 Drop Axle and Radiator Build flat on back face

6 Grill surround Lay on flat edge ( back ) 0.2mm layer,
use supports
7 Fins grill Lay on flat back RED 0.2mm layer
8 Long steering arm Lay flat on bed with supports use support
9 Front stub LHS Has supports modelled on it ( break off later)

10 Front stub RHS Has supports modelled on it ( break off later)

11 Steering arm Needs support have end boss flat on bed ( this is for servo option) 0.2mm layer
12 Head Lights Rotate stl file so dome sits on bed Neutral
(or paint chrome) 0.2mm layer
13 Long rear axle Flat on bed as opens

14 Rear spacer 2 required
Build standing up

15 Rim front
White wall 2 required. (black)
2 front-white walls inserts Inserts white

16 Rim rear
White wall 2 required. (black)
2 rear-white walls inserts Inserts white

17 Front tyre 2 required semi flex As per manufactures instructions. (15% infill)
18 Rear tyre 2 required semi flex As per manufactures instructions. (15% infill)
19 Front beam Flat on bed Grey
(or paint chrome) 0.2mm layer
20 Seat support 2 required, build on end standing up

20a seat Build on end standing up Red
21 dash Back of dash flat on bed neutral 0.2 layer
22 Steering wheel Build flat on bed 0.2 layer
23 Gear stick Build on flat side with knob up 0.2 layer
24 pedals Option, build standing on END

25 Pedals blank Option build standing on end

26 Firewall red Build flat side to bed red
27 Front cowl Build with firewall flat to bed, with supports use supports
28 LHS door Build standing on end with hinges at top

29 RHS door Build standing on end with hinges at top

30 boot Build on angle of 50 degrees does require cleaning up. builds quickest with minimal support.

31 V8 block Rear flat face on build table

32 Heads Build flat on bed
( modelled on an angle of 41dregees) RED
33 Inlet carb set flat face on build table
(has supports built on it, break off later) grey
(or paint chrome) 0.2layer
34 Auto Flat face on build table

35 Joiner Used to align block and auto

36 exhaust Build with supports, rotate to best build Grey (or paint chrome) 0.2 layer, use supports
37 Rear stabilizer 2 required ( lay flat)

38 Front stabilizers ( modelled on an angle of 7 degrees)
Rotate to flat on bed, use supports Neutral
(or paint chrome) 0.2 layer, use supports
39 Window frames Build standing up on round base

40 flames 2 required. Build flat on bed
Take care when removing from raft yellow 0.2 layer
41 Door handles 2 required (optional)

42 Wind screen Recycled clear plastic (box packaging sheet)

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Norme 0.3 et 0.2 sur le réplicateur makerbot2 voir les instructions d'impression ci-dessus

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL
  • Dernière mise à jour : 2021/03/01 à 23h06
  • Date de publication : 2016/11/30 à 7h49



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Passion for making things and now enjoying a hobby designing & building unique model kits specifically for FDM 3 D printing. Sharing them on cults!
Love hotrods and the amazing custom work that turns them into artworks by their

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I thank you ! That's very great. Many People ask me and i give the adress too your account/cults3D
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Hello again .
I buy it because i love it ! I love this cars ... in germany do you have no chance to see it in real on the road or become some RC Cars to build.
Have i got a chance to become the .stl's from your design "Pick Up" i don't find it every where.
Thank you .
Frank from cologne

Yes it’s my design and it’s not free any more .

At the last weeks for free ...and now for 30 bucks ???

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