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Description du modèle 3D

Illuminez vos sombres journées d'automne avec cette sculpture cinétique. RAINBOW ROLLER-COASTER est une affaire de dépendance. Tu ne pourras pas t'arracher les yeux ! Le mouvement en douceur est assuré par un seul moteur et l'ensemble du montage est très facile !

Vous aurez besoin d'imprimer :

Cercle A - 1x

Cercle B - 1x

Démarrage - 2x

Engrenage de lame - moitié - 42x (donc obtenir 21 engrenages de lame après collage)

Mécanique - 1x (utiliser les supports)

Lame - 42x

Couvercle de pied - 1x

Support - 1x (utiliser les supports)

Instructions de montage :

1) Collez les deux cercles ensemble.

2) Préparer les engrenages, les coller ensemble par les côtés plats. Assurez-vous que les fentes pour les lames correspondent.

3) Glisser les engrenages un par un sur les cercles. Vous devrez les incliner un peu.

4) Lors du regroupement des engrenages, s'assurer que chaque engrenage suivant est tourné d'une dent.

5) Les deux derniers rapports sont les rapports de départ. Le grand cercle est prêt pour le moment.

6) Prendre la béquille et glisser dans le mécanisme, il s'agit d'une série d'engrenages et d'arbre. Glisser le moteur pas à pas et placer le motoréducteur sur l'arbre.

7) Glissez délicatement le grand cercle avec les engrenages dans le support (jusqu'aux rails supérieurs) Vous n'avez pas besoin d'entrer complètement. Les engrenages doivent se déplacer librement. Ainsi, une fois que l'engrenage du pied relie les engrenages du Cercle, arrêtez de glisser vers l'intérieur.

8) Placer le support sur le couvercle du support.

9) Vous êtes maintenant prêt à installer les Color Blades. Vous devrez peut-être les fixer avec de la colle.

10) Brancher les moteurs pas à pas dans la prise du moteur X sur Einsy Rambo, le connecter au bloc d'alimentation et faire clignoter le Rambo avec le code fermé.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Utiliser des supports au besoin.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL et ZIP



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Hi How are you,
Congratulations. Like your design creations. Request if you can mail me video of "RAINBOW ROLLER-COASTER - KINETIC CIRCLE SCULPTURE". Regards
Paresh Deshpande, Kolhapur, India

Hi, are there instructions included on how to assemble the entire unit and electronics BOM, code, etc?

This is pretty much like the 2016 Brazil summer olympics display. Good job! I also duplicated it right after the Olympics, using Rhino software.

Hi, my compliment for this project! I was second to buy, and i start print last week, now i start try configure motor with Arduino. I like idea to create with different speed different visual effect. I think a good gift for Christmas, maybe gift for me :)
PS its possible download file with manual upgrade whitout buy again in, My Account-My Orders

I assumed it would be available for the people who had already downloaded it as well. I had no idea. Of course, you do not need to pay. Give me your email, or ping me on ;)

Potentially yes. Or you can cut it into smaller parts in your 3D program or a slicing program, and then glue the parts together.

Will I need to pay again to get the manual-power gearings?

Thanks for the info on size. The Circle and Stand cover aren't part of the mechanism though??? I could potentially build those out of other, non printed parts??


Hi Phil, the two largest objects are the Circle (cca 170 x 170 x 10mm) and the Stand cover (cca 180 x 100 x 125 mm). The rest can be split into single smaller parts. However, your printer is having a smaller Build Volume I am afraid.

What size of build platform is required to print this?
I'm using an Anycubic Photon and unsure if it is large enough to accommodate this model


Hi, that would be awesome, thank you! Or have you considered placing them here online? You can contact me at
Thank you...

I liked your work but the gear is not perfect. so I was inspired by your sculture to make one with real gears.
if you want the models I want to give them to you.

Hi, exactly. I do have a RamboBoard and 12V PSU. However, I am working on a modification. I am adding a handle for a manual power;)

Can I assume the stepper motor has to be powered by some sort of board and driver? How did you control yours?

Hi, the printing time depends on your layer height, speed, infill, perimetres..etc. Here is estimate time for 0.2mm, 10%, 2 perimeters:
Circle A - 1x -> 3h
Circle B - 1x -> 3h
Start gears - 2x -> 2h
Blade gear - half - 42x (so get 21 Blade gears after gluing) -> 25h
Mechanics - 1x (use supports) -> 3h
Blade - 42x -> 12h
Stand cover - 1x -> 7h

Stand - 1x (use supports) ->5h
Total: 60 hours

I used Electrical Stepper Motor NEMA17 40Ncm. Dimensions 42,3×42,3×40 mm. I had to cut a little bit of the shaft offf.

that's beautiful !! Could you tell us how much time to print everything ?

Thanks a lot. Thats really helpful. Can you also please tell the specs of the stepper motor used?

Hi, thank you. I have added more pictures focusing on the back and the assembly. It is better for comprehensibility now? Ask me for help, if needed;)


Simply amazing design. Is it possible to put the assembly diagram in a higher resolution. Thank you in advance.

I've been watching this creation for an hour 🌪! Thanks, man, that's great job again !