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Squelette mignon imprimé en Flexi sur place

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Description du modèle 3D

Ce Squelette Flexi est un modèle articulé à imprimer sur place qui ne nécessite AUCUN support, et aucun assemblage.

Il y a 4 modèles inclus

*squelette.STL ( squelette avec trou de suspension dans la tête...montré en train de danser)

*Squelette_Non_trou_de_pendaison.STL (pas de trou de suspension dans la tête)

*Skeleton_Big_Top.STL ( Top To create Big skeleton )

*Skeleton_Big_Bot.STL ( En bas pour créer un grand squelette)

Il est très amusant à jouer parce qu'il fait des flops et se déplace dans n'importe quelle direction.

J'ai procédé à plusieurs itérations pour m'assurer qu'il était solide, posable et facile à imprimer sans support.

N'hésitez pas à partager des images de vos tirages sur cette page, j'aimerais les voir.

Je vous remercie.

P.S. Si vous aimez mon Squelette, regardez mes autres modèles.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Impression super facile.

Pas de soutien

Impression sur place (pas d'assemblage)

20% de remplissage pour être sûr

Le PLA fonctionne bien

assurez-vous simplement d'avoir une bonne adhérence au lit.

*Si vous créez le grand squelette, vous devez coller à la hanche. C'est très facile, je recommande de la super-colle pour cela. Il suffit de mettre quelque chose en dessous pour ne pas le coller sur la table :)

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL
  • Dernière mise à jour : 2020/10/12 à 0h52
  • Date de publication : 2020/04/18 à 0h56





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a lower speed and correct temperature control can help you

Hi, what do you recommend to increase enhance bed adhesion? I printed it but the foot came off while printing so it did not print it well. I use Ender 3 with glass bed and used PLA.

I really want to print this so much, but I don't have payment methods , can I get the stl for free if you don't mind pleaseeeee?

my email :

I really want to print this so much, but I don't have payment methods , can I get the stl for free if you don't mind pleaseeeee?

my email :

Do any of these flexi factory prints work on resin printers?


Everyone I know LOVES the skeleton! I printed one and hung it in our business as a Halloween decoration and it is the talk of the place! I also LOVE the hand!!! I will be printing the ant next! Please keep making these cause I will keep buying them! I love them all!

A nice model, but I wish the listing included measurements. Had to scale even the smaller version down quite a bit to fit on my build platform. And printing smaller the already challenging bed adhesion becomes a real struggle, even with a skirt/brim or a raft parts always come off :/ Don't have the option to change to glass+gluestick so have to make do with blue painter's tape and hairspray, which just isn't cutting it, it seems.

But a nice model nontetheless, even if not usable for me.

Merci pour ce petit personnage bien sympa!

Many Thanks Flexifactory, just printed the large skeleton and the small one, both turned out perfect. my Granddaughter is going to be very pleased with this.

I am unable to print this one, the head keeps shaking half way through the print, because the bottom of the head seems to lose adhesion with the print bed.

Thanks Flexifactory and Tainwulf, these tips really helped! Slowing the speed down to 40 for a better quality and the glue stick helping for a better stick to the bed without using too much of PLA, resulting in a faster print time. I now remixed the file making donut on top of the head so I can hang the skeleton on a thread for my cats to play with, they seem to love it as wel. Curious how long it lasts!

Yeah I just went on and added a brim since I haven't gotten around to using glue stick .. For me it was the hand first and actually the head afterwards. So I'm thinking my machine was at fault. Adjusted and added aforementioned brim to be on the safe side. Printed perfectly :)

hey spongymoose and lemons_28,
thanks for your purchase, adhesion can be an issue on the parts that have a smaller surface area, like the spine links. Personally I like to use glass and a glue stick to ensure it doesn't pop off while printing. Hope this helps.

These flexi prints are easily the quickest I've ever cashed out for an STL. Pretty much bought 'em all in one go.

Having a tad of trouble with the skeleton here as it seems to break off my plate. I've never had adhesion problems, but I'm sure it's an error on my side, so I'm finetuning and printing while writing.

Great work on these models once again. Hope there is more to come.

I've printed a bunch for my Haunted House crew. Generally I haven't needed much more then some glue stick on the build plate and a skirt. Rafts were a little overkill for me. Your experience may vary though depending on your printer and how used to it you are. My only real tip is to slow down the print speed to 40 in the slicer as I got under extrusion and thus really weak ribs when I left it at default 50.

I am new in 3D printing and really want to try some things out. Now i think 'just make sure you have good bed adhesion', really abstract. What adhesion method is recommend? Could i use Raft or would another method be better for the job?

does your file have a commercial limitation on it? Could I purchase the STL and sell the prints made with the file?

thank you

Hey LEOMOTAPHOTO, The last image was printed in Hatchbox Wood filament, then sanded and stained with minwax polyshade.

Yes I have upscaled it, I printed one at 300mm and it still works fine

I just downloaded this. Can it be scaled up without losing the fit of the joints? My print surface is 300x300mm and it would be fun to make him about 140%.

I already printed two of this, love it! How did you paint the last one on the photos of this model? Looks like wood.

Did this print! Works perfectly!

I really want to print thiss , but I don't have the payment methods ( still 16) , can I get the stl for free if you dont mindd?

my email :

Fantastic design. Sliced with #Simplify3d , Normal quality, 30%, #felixprinter Excellent !!!

Hi Holycow,
Flexi print is just often used for this type of articulated model. It works great with PLA. however if you print it with a flexible filament I would love to see it. 👍

It says, "Flexi Print" in the title. Does this have to be printed with a flexible filament?

Hi I run the model through netfab online and that fixes models, I did print with 100% infill and .2 layer also printed with a brim and it printed fine, have now done a standard size plus a 10 inch one and the brim didn’t take too long to clean up.

Hi great design, but having problems where the ribs join the spine, they keep breaking away, tried different infill and layers the rest prints ok. Look forward to hearing if you can sort. Thanks

I get two issues with the skeleton. The head and ribs are not attached in your model. I can provide slicer image samples if needed.

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