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Red Angel Suit Pack

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Description du modèle 3D

Red Angel Suit is a cross-faction body armor. It is a reward from the Season 20 launch special event in July 2020 on PC and Fall 2020 on console. The armor is not usable by bridge officers. Obtaining the armor grants a Tailor unlock for the character.

Item description
The Red Angel Suit is usable by captains only. This version is leveless (∞), which causes it to scale with your character up to level 60. Once you are level 60, you can convert it to MK XII by right clicking it and selecting "Upgrade". Dynamic items can improve in power to a higher maximum than leveless items can.

In Star Trek: Discovery, the Red Angel Suit was a powerful device capable of traveling through time by thousands of years. Now, Khitomer Alliance scientists, with the help of the Excalbian construct Michael Burnham, have managed to recreate some of the functionality of the original suit to outfit their officers. The Time crystals necessary to travel far through time weren’t possible to recreate, but the suit itself was. Powerful and versatile, it functions as standard combat armor until its special properties are needed. These properties, referred to as Red Angel Mode, can only be used for a short while before the systems must recharge.

Special Passive Ability: Red Angel Revive
Upon death, while in Red Angel Suit is equipped, the Red Angel visits them from the future of their timeline, reviving them and releasing a shockwave blast, knocking nearby enemies down and damaging them. This effect has a separate internal recharge time.

Special Ability: Activate Red Angel Suit
The power of the suit goes beyond saving yourself from certain death, however. By activating Red Angel Mode, you will be able to engage the suit's full power, trading your action bar for the abilities granted by the suit itself and transforming into the Red Angel. When the wearer engages the suit, a number of things happen at once. First, a blast of energy knocks back, disables, and damages nearby enemies. Second, their appearance temporarily becomes that of the Red Angel. Third, they trade their normal weapon active abilities for a new set of abilities. Fourth, they receive large bonuses to speed, damage, and damage resistance.

Special Ability: Deactivate Red Angel Suit
The player is able to deactivate the Suit at any time while it is active for 45 seconds.

Special Ability:Temporal Shockwave (Red Angel)
The Red Angel can activate Temporal Shockwave against a Target Foe. This deals heavy damage to the Target and nearby Foes, and shunts them forward in time several seconds, removing them from the battlefield entirely until they arrive in the future.

Special Ability: E.M.P.
The suit can also discharge its internal power supply for an area of effect EMP. Though smaller than the one seen on Kaminar, this EMP still disables all mechanical abilities of nearby Foes as well as dealing heavy Electrical damage to mechanical and incorporeal entities.

Special Ability: Red Angel Phaser Beam
The Red Angel Phaser Beam is a standard attack that inflicts energy damage. Fires a steady beam at a single target.

Special Ability: Red Angel Phaser Spread
The Red Angel Phaser Spread splits a high powered beam that hits up to three targets in a cone. This attack can Exploit Targets.

Special Ability: Palm Strike
Palm Strike hits the enemy with the palm of your hand, causing knockback.

Rechargeable Item: [Large Hypo]
A Large Hypo device is integrated with the suit, and may be used without consuming a device. This has a modest recharge.

Rechargeable Item: [Large Shield Charge]
A Large Shield Charge device is integrated with the suit, and may be used without consuming a device. This has a modest recharge.

Tailor unlock
Obtaining the armor grants a Tailor unlock for the character under a unique category: Red Angel Suit. All Red Angel items are limited to that category and only a handful of other items can be combined with the Red Angel parts (namely basic Discovery and Discovery Terran parts, plus a few generic items like Shirt Simple. The outfit is usable by bridge officers.

Once it is obtained, it becomes unlocked for all characters on the account. It can be claimed at no additional cost via the Reclaim Rewards section of the Events tab, accessible via the Mission Journal.

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Informations sur le fichier 3D

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    • Armure_Red_Angel_Suit_version_Homme_Variante_1.stl
    • Armure_Red_Angel_Suit_version_Homme_Variante_2.stl
    • GEO_Wings_Red_Angel_01.stl

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