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Town of Longyearbyen

Description du modèle 3D

Do you hate the cold of winter? Well if so, you can print out your very own tiny town of Longyearbyen from Svalbard, Norway. This way, when you're feeling down in the dumps about the cold, windy, snowy weather outside, you can look at your little Longyearbyen and say to yourself, "Well at least I don't live there!"

For extra awesomeness, throw some LEDs in the houses and light up your town for an awesome effect when the lights are off.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Print out your house in what ever bright color you like, and a color matching balcony. The roofs work well in grey and black, and the platform, snowbank, and connectors should be printed in white.

We used the typical 10% infill with 2 shells. None of these models require support.

Once you print out a full house and platform, you can link together as many as you like.

The balcony slides into the slots in the recess on the fron of the house.

For that authentic night time Svalbard feel. You can set up an LED array to go inside the houses and add some sparkle and brightness to your new town.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL





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