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Sponge Home

Description du modèle 3D

The sponge home is ideal for drippy slimy items that live in and around your sink. If you're tired of your bar of soap leaving a slimy mess next to your sink, the Sponge Home is here to help. If you are constantly looking for a place to put your sponge while you rinse, the Sponge Home is your new friend.

Sponge Home is also designed to be placed partially over the edge of the sink. The drip tray angle the rises from front to back, allowing excess water to return to your drain instead of sitting on the side of your sink.

We recommend sealing this print with something like food grade silicone if you're worried about your Sponge Home getting as dirty as your sponge.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Print out the 2 separate files. We recommend using helper disks at the corners to prevent warping. We used 3 shells with 10% infill. Scale parts in unison for extra big sponges or bars of soap.





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