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MacBook Pro Stand

Description du modèle 3D

This is a stand for the MacBook Pro 13 inch (it can be scaled up to other sizes) so you can store your Macbook in a small space.
You can also add a bit of velvet to soften the stand for the MacBook and it also looks nice. I also sanded it and sprayed it black for a clean finish, but it's not necessary.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

It can be printed with 0 infill and without support while standing up.
It can be printed with any layer height.




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3 commentaires

Alright! Nice conception indeed. Thx for the reply.

It's actually really stable and it doesn't fall ( I also made a couple of rubber circles under it so it doesn't slide over the desk).
I have printed it in PLA with 0 infill ( it is lightweight but the base is wide) you can make it more heavy by adding more infill but it's not necessary.

Nice & it seems useful! By the way, how do you handle the concept of weight? I feel that it can easily fall with classic ABS / PLA?