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Grommet - snap together

Description du modèle 3D

These snap together grommets are functional, strong and print without supports. I have iterated on the design a few times. To ensure a firm lock-in click the scale of either the hub or grommets may have to be adjusted by 1 or 2% depending on your printer and the filament being used. The eight sided hubs are printed horizontally to ensure layer separation doesn’t occur between the grommets.

I have used the grommets on poly tarps and have had good results. The tudor rose grommet face gives an interesting visual. These are entirely appropriate for window curtains as well and can be scaled by 2 or 300 percent. I have included various hub lengths to accommodate different thicknesses of material between the grommets.
Comments and feedback appreciated.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Printed in ABS at .3 and .4 mm resolution.

I needed some grommets for a poly tarp creation I was custom making and realized that I could create a functional and strong click-in design due to my design brilliance or the fact I have seen similar devices (my preference is the former). After a few iterations I was able to print in multiples. A firm grip with applied pressure is required to lock them together but once done they are secure.




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