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G4 lampholder for handmade lamps

Description du modèle 3D

A lampholder for G4 bulbs. Use this to make your own lamps using recycled glass jars, timber and beads.

I use these to hold the LED bulbs into lamps that I design and make. My finished lamps are available for sale from my website or Etsy shop. I share the files for 3d printed parts here to encourage others to conbine their printed parts with recycling.

Look out for an 'instructable' about how to make my lamps...

Buy these lamps at:

Paramètres d'impression 3D

I get best results from printing with an Ultimaker 2, PLA and the 'Fine' quality setting. For some filaments that are translucent or tend to be brittle, I increase the wall thickness to 1.2 or 1.6.

No. 6 x 25mm self tapping screws work well to fix the lampholder down through the printed holes. The G4 fitting should be a good fit when pushed into the centre (you might need to scale the model to compensate for any shrinkage, mine work fine...)

This prints in 4 hours, for the fine setting, and 7.5 hours is the wall thickness is increased.


I am a designer / maker, and university lecturer based in Dorset, UK.

I teach at BA (Hons) Modelmaking at AUB and an evening class in professional meodelmaking for architects and designers.

I design, make and sell via


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