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Cloud shaped Magnetic Key holder

Description du modèle 3D

Cool household stuff for this winter season!

I used 2x1x0,5 cm Neodymium magnets N52 but it has space for the most common magnet sizes, even rounded.

It is easy to 3D print and easy to assemble, only 2 pcs joined by pressure.

Printed in white PLA, organic plastic.

I used Pattex to stick it on the wall, and it is possible to use 2 m3 screws if you can use them on your wall.

I also designed and create the wall clock


more +++

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Insert magnets in holes (it has 2 holes just inside the main body). I used 2x1x0,5mm neodymium N52 magnets and it is perfect for this size, but you can use another size.

Push one piece over the other, don't be afraid...push with energy!

Stick it on the wall with Pattex or with M3 screw!

Your house rulz even more now!


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