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Zheng's Creepy Peepers

Description du modèle 3D

Creep out the locals with a 3d printed set of glowing eyes hung in your shrubberies! Caps include gratuitous bats by faberdasher.

You'll need a few extras to complete the build:

Glow sticks! Any color will do, but of course red and orange would be apropos given the season.

A toilet paper tube. You should be stockpiling these as a matter of general principle, but a rolled up sheet of cardboard will do in a pinch. Paper towel tubes will also work.

A piece of string or wire to hang the unit.

Your favorite hobby knife.

Assembly's ghoulishly simple: print both endcaps, cut the eyeholes in the tube, activate your glow stick, cap, and hang.

If you're not feeling particularly artistic, use the provided SVG eyehole templates to get started.




Seej patient zero. Barbie Armor Designer, artist, worst programmer ever. Mostly illiterate, but has minimal competence in spoken Mandarin. Not real clear on Ohm's law.




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