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Skahl Thugs (Set 1)

Description du modèle 3D

From the Voidscape rules codex (WIP):

"A popular opinion amongst the core species is that the Skahl were uplifted prematurely. Out of desperation during their first war with the Dragoah, the Orthion brought the Skahl from their stone age tribes and trained them as soldiers. It was this decision that turned the tide in the Orthion's favor, though in doing so, they unwittingly unleashed a source of barbaric savagery into the galactic community.

To this age, the Skahl identify as tribes rather than as a species, and are valued in military campaigns fought beyond the domain of the Concordance. Many Skahl follow a rigid, warrior code, and even those allied within the Galactic Concordance are feared for their brashness and stubborn-minded adherence to the ways of warfare."

Paramètres d'impression 3D

These guys are printed at a .1 layer height. This seems to best accommodate the tolerance of the base tab and hand pegs.





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