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Saint Picolas

Description du modèle 3D

It was early December, Mother Claus was preparing a large tub of brine for her famous pickled Christmas eggs. This wasn't just any brine, she had traded an old family keepsake to a mysterious wizard of pickling for this recipe. The ingredients were mixed, and for the time being; Mother Claus had to bring dinner to the reindeer.

In another room, young Nick and his brother Bert were playing hide and seek. Nick patiently counted as Bert scampered off to hide. Nick eagerly pulled his hands from his face and ran off to look for Bert. Before he could even begin to search, he found Bert motionless in the tub of brine.

Nick Pulled him out and performed CPR. Bert spit, gurgled, and spattered out the brine from his lungs and began to breathe again. It was a Christmas miracle.

Bert was alive but something had happened, there was something about that brine, and it was in him for too long. He transformed into some sort of pickled immortal, spreading the holiday cheer, hiding in Christmas Trees, and raising awareness for brine safety.

Print him in all green for the pickle tree game, or in color for an ornament.

Printed using Your Wild Worlds' Parfait technology.

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Paramètres d'impression 3D

Use an inky fine point pen to color the pupils.
Use a white out pen to color the fur on his hood, coat, and around his hands.
Place a drop of super glue on-top each eyeball, and at the bottom and back of the hat.
Place hat on his head at the desired angle.
Tie fishing line around ball on hat.
Hang on tree.





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