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Pocket-Tactics: Faithful of the Luminous Goddess against the Dead of the Haunted Hills (Beta Version)

Description du modèle 3D

Introducing Pocket-Tactics! A fast-paced, modular strategy board game that all fits in a tiny bag.

This is the second set in the series. We thought it would be fun to do some form of priests versus undead, and this set really stands out from the original. Of course, either faction from this set can play against either faction from the first, just as every future set will be compatible. We're really excited by the prospect of an ever-expanding universe of factions and locales from all genres (though we're going to thoroughly mine Fantasy first).

We'll be updating the progress of the game and provide expanded rules on our blog, so be sure and check us out there as well, and any of you makers should head over to check out our logo contest.

All models designed in the amazing Tinkercad:

Paramètres d'impression 3D


Each piece was printed on my Makerbot Replicator at a .10 layer height with 100% infill. I printed them all one piece at a time, though you can feel free to try and print bricks of them. I had trouble doing so and it was probably due to my calibration.

So, for the core set as I've designed it, you'll need the following (and I've included the colors you should paint things, though this is only a suggestion):

-3 Simple Pilgrims (white)

-2 Sacred Gronks (white)

-2 Paladins (white)

-2 Light Bringers (white)

-1 High Priestess (white)

-1 Prophet (white)

-3 Shambling Corpses (purple)

-2 Shrouded Vassals (purple)

-2 Dread Riders (purple)

-2 Barrow Guards (purple)

-1 Barrow Lord (purple)

-1 Necromancer (purple)

-1 Temple of Light (White)

-1 Fallen Caer (Purple)

-5 Village Tiles (tan)

-4 Water Tiles (blue)

-7 Hill Tiles (light green)

-4 Ruin Tiles (Purple)

You'll also need a grip of six-sided dice (6 for each player) and it helps immensely if half of them are a different color. The rules are in super-beta mode (just finished writing them last night) so expect typos and confusion, but throw me some feedback and I can answer questions/clean up the document as we go. I'd definitely expect some of these abilities to change, but hey, who knows? ;-)






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