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Pocket-Tactics: Dominion Strike Force against the United Separatist Militia

Description du modèle 3D

Introducing Pocket-Tactics! A fast-paced, modular strategy board game that all fits in a tiny bag!

This is our first ever scifi set, introducing some factions and characters common to our greater Multiverse setting. This set (like all sets to follow) is fully compatible with our previous and future sets, and any faction can be pitted against one another.

From everyone at Ill Gotten Games, we hope you enjoy the game, and we're always eager to hear your questions and feedback.

UPDATE: 1/31/13: New stat sheets have been uploaded with minor changes to both forces.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Printed at 10% infill with 2 shells and a layer height of .10. Models were painted with model acrylics. All of my models were printed in halves and assembled, but those of you with dual-extruders should be able to print these guys with supports, so I've included the models fully assembled. If you want the models in halves, I've included a couple of zip files containing all of the STLs.





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