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Frank Marcello, Agano Private Eye (28mm Minature)

Description du modèle 3D

NAME: Frank Marcello ORIGIN: Zuras OCCUPATION: Private Detective

As a young initiate in the order of Ga’uum, Frank, then known by his birth name, Makaro, came to Nexus City on pilgrimige, a ceremony undertaken by all Agano peoples beholden to the “Wanderer God.” During a trip to the Undercity, he and his fellow initiates were assaulted by gangers. Left for dead, Frank climbed out of the Undercity, vowing to take his revenge on the criminal scum that ruled the labyrinthine tunnels below. After changing his name and serving seven years as an officer of Nexus Security, Frank went into business for himself, opening a small detective firm specializing in gang-related cases. Several gangs have tried to assassinate Frank over the years and, though all attempts have failed, he has sustained numerous injuries and mutilations including a missing finger and a hoarse, raspy voice as a result having his throat cut by a vibro-machete.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and Sculptris

This was my 2nd entry for the 30 Characters Challenge. Each day in November I designed and posted a new model. Each character was randomly generated using the Continuum Narrative Engine (an RPG system currently in the works here at the Ill Gotten Games headquarters). I've finally gotten around to converting them to 28mm scale and I'll keep at it, but for now you can see the WIP models here...

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Printed in halves in ABS at 100% infill with a .10 Layer height, assembled with superglue and painted with model acrylics. I've added a completely assembled Frank with Base incorporated for those who wish to try printing him with support. Let me know if that works out!





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