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Flight of the Wind Dragon

Description du modèle 3D

Introducing the Wind Dragon and its valiant crew of gnomish wizards! I had so much fun deigning my Gnomedozer that I felt I needed to go bigger... (

This is a fairly epic print, and you'll need glue to assemble it, but I kept the pieces to a minimum. For best results, print both sets of wings and glue them together to get the framework on both sides.

Thanks again to MakerBot for their Gnome scan which inspired these vehicle designs (I love making gnome variants, but they needed a playset).

I'll post a separate thing for the crew with individual models and split versions. All of these guys are scaled to standard heroic-scale gaming (28mm) and the ship is scaled to accommodate their 20mm bases.


Paramètres d'impression 3D

Printed this guy in components at a .1 layer height, assembled them with superglue, and painted with acrylic model paints.





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