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1911 sight & lamp rail mount for Airsoft / Paintball

Description du modèle 3D

Tactical rail mount for airsoft 1911 colt pistol. (needs to have undebarrel rail to mount this)

New and updated design, prints in one piece and requires only one 3/16 x 1"1/2 screw with nut.

It has and upper rail for optics and a lower rail for lasers / flashlights. The stock iron sights can still be used thanks to a channel that runs the lenght of the underside of the upper rail.
This rail mounts on the rail found on the underside of the barrel in 1911 tactical models.

DO NOT USE WITH REAL STEEL FIREARMS. I take no responsability for any harm taken or done for not following these instructions.

Paramètres d'impression 3D

Only 40g. of plastic (+,-)

Recommended settings:
ABS: May need to account for plastic shrinkage 100.3% scale +,-.1
Supports: Yes
Infill: 15 (at least)
Layer height: .2


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