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Wright Flyer 1903, Centrale électrique

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A very beautiful model that I also recommend.
Take care ; it is a difficult project.

It was a complicated project for two reasons:

- The first challenge, as @ hornbrendon11 points out, was to find all the spare parts (chain, spring, screws, wood, aluminium tube, etc.).

- The second challenge was the assembly of many small parts

I made some customizations compared to the original model:

- Mounting the Inline Horizontal, Water Cooled, 4 Cylinder, 1903 (
- Printing the radiotor in only one part
- Printing the half propeller in only one part
- Mounting the RPM counter with ball bearing
- Mounting the propeller shafts on needle bearings
- New rotation tool (manual and electric)
- Dummy rudder with all the wiring necessary for its operation

I finally used several colors of filament to highlight the kinematics of this extraordinary plane. The Wright brothers were true geniuses.

A video of final result :

This model is on display at the Saint-Victoret Aviation Museum (

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Prusa I3 MK3S



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