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Orktober de Warboss

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Bad Moon Risin'

Thanks for this great model. I had a blast painting this. A few things left to fix, but he's ready to hand out a good thumping! The only thing he was missing was some Dakka. The top of his carapace(?) had some open space that was perfect for some Rokkits and a Grot with a Big Shoota.
- Printed the Ork on an Anycubic Mono X; scaled ~120mm; .o5 layer height; hollowed, drain holed, supported in Chitubox; saved as a supported SLA and sliced in Photon Workshop for printing. Printed in three parts (Torso, Legs, Left Arm) each taking 11-12 hours with msettings.
- The rockets were sliced in Cura and printed on an Ender 3 in PLA and are from GrumpasBumpas:
- I made the launcha rails in TinkerCAD, sliced in Cura and printed them on an Ender 3 in PLA.
- I sliced the Grot and Shoota in Cura and printed them on an Ender 3 in PLA. They came from Bender_Rodriguez, but I can't find them online now.
- I used 3D Builder to swap the Grot's head with one I found somewhere, but I can't remember where it came from; sorry.


Hatchbox PLA
  • Résolution : 0,08 mm
  • Température : 195 ℃
  • Remplissage : 10 %
  • Vitesse : 28 mm/s

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