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I hollowed the original file and scaled it up by 10% then split it into quarters so it would fit on my printer.
I joined 2 quarters together with superglue then reinforced the back of the join with fibre glass. I did the same thing for the remaining quarters then joined the 2 halves with super glue and reinforced the entire back with more fibreglass.
The quarters went together smoothly but I had to heat the 2 halves in boiling water to manipulate them as close together as possible but it still required some sanding and filling to hide the seam.
It took 54 hours to print

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How did you go about hollowing it out? I got the file but cannot figure out how to do that in order to print it large enough.

I hollowed it in prusa slicer with 4mm walls which hollowed it but it still had the back on it so I cut it into quarters and opened each quarter in 3d builder and created some shapes and put the shapes over the backing and subtracted which removed most of the back. I had to print in quarters for it to fit in my LD-002H. If you were printing it in one piece it would be the same process just without the quartering. There's probably easier ways to do it but this was the fastest for me without learning another 3D software

I'll give that a try. I'm still brand new to 3d modeling so I'm struggling trying to figure everything out myself. Thanks the help on that. I don't know why but I thought the file came as a hollowed mask already so I've been trying to figure out how to do what you did for a while lol