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Modèle de pixel du petit flocon de neige

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Thanks for the design, it printed in just under 6 hours.
Looking for any additional information that anyone could pass along to help with the followiong:
1) xLights Model: has anyone modeled this in xLights or perhaps a link to an easy tutorial on designing this prop within xLights.
2) Pixel wiring: I'm sure that I could figure it out but want to ensure that my wiring will match the xLights model wiring.

Thanks again for a quick and easy way to add additional pop to our holiday display.

  • Raft : Oui
  • Résolution : 0,2 mm
  • Température : 205 ℃
  • Support : Non
  • Remplissage : 15 %
  • Vitesse : 80 mm/s

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