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Volant de la BMW M8 GTE (BIG BOY)

Télécharger fichier 3D Volant de la BMW M8 GTE (BIG BOY), SimWheel_DesignsTélécharger fichier 3D Volant de la BMW M8 GTE (BIG BOY), SimWheel_Designs

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This recreation is a work of art so just had to dive in.
It’s my first wheel after only a week with a printer but off to a good start and much easier than making things out of metal. Here are some knob samples. Great shapes. My printer’s too small to do the entire front and rear panels of the big boy (250 Width needed) in one print so dividing them in Meshmixer in an opposite 45 degree x style cut so the front and back still have strength when recombined. Possibly by removing the upper most grip sections/horns and epoxy gluing and reattaching later. The extensive strengthening done in the cad designs makes it easy to keep it strong. I’m considering printing the knob back displays in clear polycarbonate so I can have backlights on the switches.

I’m trialing the Creality PLA and so far so good. Standard Ender pro With glass bed for now but ordered a Swiss hot end and hardened tip for the PLA/carbon fiber body. I’m considering Using carbon fiber sheet and epoxy epoxy over the finished printed body for a real effect.

More as I progress...

  • Raft : Oui
  • Résolution : 0,12 mm
  • Température : 205 °C
  • Support : Non
  • Remplissage : 50 %
  • Vitesse : 50 mm/s

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