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Tank Goliath de Sci-Fi

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Chitubox printed this bad boy out in an hour for only 80 cents. I'll take it!

  • Résolution : 0,03 mm

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Okay, cool!

I've been attempting this one but found I needed heavy supports if at an angle, and it kind of pockmarked the prints. It has great heft and tabletop presence solid but maybe the larger surface area is too much suction force.

I'll try hollowing, thanks for the reply.

I used supports, but it was mostly flat to the plate. It was in 3 parts, with each part the same angle as it would be on import. I also hollowed it a bit but did not use drain holes... It was one of my first prints so I know to angle things and use drain holes now, but yeah despite all that it printed great. The model is very robust, I don't think you could break it easily unless you were trying to (and even then, you might only get the exhaust pipes).

Did you print it as one piece or the center and two tracks? Supports or flat on the print bed? Thanks!