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PPS 43 smg (réplique non tirante)

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When i was building the STEN, i thought that it is the ugliest, most brutally-funcionalistic cost-effective gun that I'll ever make.
Now I'm not so sure.

Dreyse keeps his high standard of print-ready models here, I needed very little post-processing. I only had to re-print the trigger laying flat, as the suggested orientation proved too weak around the part where the spring acts. (BTW, one must admire the smart solution, where only one spring and its guide works for the sear,trigger, safety and the disassembly control)

I used Prusa's PC Carbon fiber for the stock and all the pins/rivets, ABS for mag body and silver PLA for basically anything else - Sprayed with black Krylon, sanded and soaked in silicone oil.

  • Résolution : 0,15 mm
  • Support : Oui
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