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Inline Horizontal, refroidi à l'eau, 4 cylindres, 1903

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A very beautiful model that I also recommend.

It was a complicated project for two reasons:

- The first challenge, as @ hornbrendon11 points out, was to find all the spare parts (chain, spring, screws, etc.).

- The second challenge was the assembly of many small parts; it was in the "V. Cam Shafts and Drive Chain Assembly" part where I had the most difficulty.

I made some customizations compared to the original model:

- Crankshaft assembly on ball bearing

- Upper openwork housing

- Lateral openwork housing

- Yellow carburetor internal bottom to highlight the flow of fresh gases

I finally used several colors of filament to highlight the kinematics of this extraordinary engine for the time. The Wright brothers were true geniuses.

The next step will be to mount this engine on the model the "Wright Flyer 1903, Power Plant" ( ); for information, the engine included in the plane is a reduced version of it (no crankshaft, no piston, no exploded view, ...).

A video of final result :

Imprimante 3D

Prusa I3 MK3S



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